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ERIN DZIEDZIC - BA in Art History, 2003

On her work:

Currently I am working as a curator for the Exhibitions Department at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. There, I oversee the exhibitions of seven galleries in Savannah, three in Atlanta, and one located on our satellite campus in Lacoste, France. I also work as an Administrative Assistant for Drain Magazine, an online contemporary art journal.

On her recent accomplishments:

I was awarded a fellowship in 2004 to complete my Master's of Art History at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My M.A. was awarded in October 2006.


I believe that the faculty in the Art History Department were most influential in helping me find a path that was right for me. Their expertise and guidance is second to none, and their continued drive to improve the learning standards of students at UMass Dartmouth is exceptional. They encouraged students to go beyond the classroom, challenge ourselves and recognize our potential for the future.

On CVPA faculty:

Professor Magali Carrera truly inspired me throughout my studies in the CVPA and continues to do so. She leads by example in her motivation to teach while pursuing her own research in Ancient Mexican arts. She is connected and engaged in the Art History community and motivates students with a perfect combination of fact and fun in her classes.

On lessons learned in the "real world":

In my field, it's critical to learn a foreign language--it can really take you to some interesting places professionally and personally.

Advice for today's students:

If you are scared about an area of study or feel it might be too difficult, this is probably the one that you should pursue most actively. I guarantee this will be most beneficial to you in the long-run.