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KEVIN FOLEY - BFA in Visual Design & Art History, 1993

On his work:

I run my own graphic design business, KF Design, based in Gunma, Japan--about 50 miles northwest of Tokyo. My company works mainly in print design with a focus on both editorial design and corporate communications. We also work on identity and branding-related projects. Every month, I work with one of my main clients to create a 48-page English-language magazine called Japan+. The magazine introduces all things Japanese--from traditional Japanese arts to contemporary culture to current political topics--to a worldwide readership.

On his recent accomplishments:

KF Design's work for Japan+ Magazine has been recognized for two years running with Merit Awards in the Society of Publication Designers (SPD) annual design competition. KF Design's work has been featured in The 41st Publication Design Annual, The Best of Business Card Design 6, Creativity 35, Layout Workbook, and Global Corporate Identity 2.


I feel I left CVPA with a well-rounded education because of the variety of courses offered. There was a strong emphasis on design fundamentals--and especially on typography. The faculty had (and continue to have) a big influence on my work. In particular, I learned a great deal from Professors Lasse Antonsen and Eric Lintala.

On lessons learned in the "real world":

Persistence, dedication and hard work are necessary for success.

Advice for today's students:

For designers, I would strongly suggest taking business and or marketing courses. As you progress in your career you will realize more and more that clients are interested in the bottom line more than which font or color you've used to solve a design problem. The more you understand about business and can see things from the client's perspective the better off you'll be.