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Certificate Programs

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The College of Visual and Performing Arts offers coursework for three kinds of certificates: 

    • 36-credit, non-degree undergraduate Certificate Program for those without a bachelor’s degree or who do not have formal art training and seek concentrated study in the arts. This is available in Artisanry and Fine Arts.


    • 9-credit Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program for those with an undergraduate bachelor’s degree (preferably a BFA) who are looking to develop a portfolio for application to graduate schools/intensive study. This is available in Artisanry and Fine Arts.


  • 12-credit Blended (75% Online) Graduate Certificate in Web and Interaction Design for those with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. If the bachelor’s degree is not in a Visual Arts-related field, the applicant must either have completed at least 15 credits in the visual arts, or must provide both demonstrable evidence of related professional experience and portfolio-based evidence of facility with visual art fundamentals (color, form, texture, emphasis, composition, and so on).