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Certificate Program in Web and Interaction Design

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Applications closed for 2015; please call us for details

Blended (75% Online)

Emphasizing usability (how people read, navigate, and interact with web-based information), accessibility (web standards, HTML, CSS), and findability, the program enhances a candidate’s current knowledge of art and design with classes in Information Architecture, Typographic Web Design, and Designing User Experiences.

Candidates earn 12 credits over two semesters, attending classes eight Saturdays each semester. The courses blend face-to-face and online instruction, providing candidates a low-residency program without sacrificing personal attention.

Whether you’re a recent grad from an Art / Design program, or someone who’s been out in the field awhile—if you want to add Web and Interaction Design to your current skills, our program might be just what you’re looking for.  

The program is limited to 16 candidates per year.
Application deadline: August 1st.

Graduate Certificate in Web and Interaction Design

What Our Students Say:

“I was very surprised at the stress on accessibility. For a program that is built to cover so
much ground, that could have easily gotten lost in the shuffle. The small class size was key.
The program covers a wide variety of topics and skills—and having that one-on-one
interaction really helps.”  Rich Leonardo

“I went back to school to make sure the developers and web designers I hire are using
best practices and current methodologies. I realized early in the Fall a developer I was
working with was using outdated syntax. I was also able to trouble-shoot some code my
web agency couldn’t solve.”  Regina Gardner Milan

“I have more confidence in how I approach a web project. The mystery of HTML and CSS is
gone! The skills and knowledge that the WID program gave me are now just another set of
tools in my design belt.”  Patty Dysart

Program Co-coordinators

Shawn Towne stowne@umassd.edu and Laura Franz lfranz@umassd.edu