Computer Requirements - Art History

Computer Requirements


It is the policy of the Department of Art History that majors have a laptop computer by the beginning of their sophomore year. Art History students will use their laptops to complete homework assignments, interact with faculty and other students, utilize myCourses and COIN, conduct research, and access the Visual Resources Collection of images.

Additionally, a laptop enables students to participate in the activities of the Art History Club as well as make professional connections. With wireless access prevalent throughout the campus, laptops enable students to use technology to learn and collaborate at many locations both within and outside of the classroom.


Students wishing to configure personal computers should follow these guidelines:

  • Screen size:
    It is recommended that students purchase the largest screen size that can be afforded. Larger screens do facilitate higher productivity though work can be accomplished on smaller screens.
  • Connections:
    All machines need to have an Ethernet connection.
  • RAM:
    There is never enough. We recommend at least eight gigabytes of RAM.
  • Hard Disc Space:
    Minimum 500 GB. You can always add external hard drives or portable storage devices as needed.
  • Optical Drive:
    Select a drive that allows students to burn their work to DVDs. This will be helpful in developing portfolios and backing up large animation or video files.
  • Camera for Skype video conferencing. (standard feature on Macs)
  • Adaptor for a VGA connection to a projector.

Note: For University pricing, please visit the UMass Dartmouth Apple Education Store


Microsoft Office 365 is required for PowerPoint presentations and editing cabilities. This software package includes Microsoft Excel and Word, enabling students to interact with the software programs used in the College to submit assignments, participate in collaborative projects, and share work with instructors and fellow students. Adobe Creative Cloud is recommended for students who may also need capabilities for graphics.

Microsoft Office 365 free download

Adobe Creative Cloud for students and teachers