CVPA Faculty Yoon Soo Lee

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YOON SOO LEE: Biography

BFA, Seoul National University

MFA, Seoul National University

MFA, Western Michigan University

One of my main focuses in scholarship, professional activities, and teaching is in the study of identity. How do we create identities? How do we sustain identities? What is the source of identity building? The individual or society? What is the balance between the declaration of identity and acceptance of identity? My research and scholarship has lead me into investigations of gender identity, ethnic identity, national identity and racial identity. It is the study about the construction and destruction of a person-role playing, breaking stereotypes and rebuilding the self through the understanding history, sociology, biology and the self. This creative scholarship is currently being manifested into the forms of paintings and sculptures.

The study of identity manifests in my professional work as I design identity systems for regional, national and international events, organizations and magazines. The identity design systems I have built over the years have variations of the following projects: logos, posters, brochures, newsletters, magazine ads, environmental graphics and booklets.

My strengths lie in my history of accomplishments: as an educator, designer, and artist, and as a global person, with a balanced yet critical understanding of the complex world of humanity, who professes her understanding through multiple mediums with a strong sense of history while embracing the newness of the world. My evolving understanding of this world through the eyes of being an artist and designer is the strength I give my students.