UMass Dartmouth Faculty Chris Poudrier

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Brockton born drummer Chris Poudrier has had an eclectic career spanning thirty years. Not limited or bound to a specific genre his talent, passion, dedication, and musicality afford him the luxury to play all styles at a very convincing and inspiring level. Poudrier graduated from UMASS Amherst with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education Cum Laude. Endorsements include Regal Tip Drum Products and Istanbul Agop Cymbals. In addition to drum set professor and musical director for the UMASS Dartmouth Latin-Jazz Ensemble Poudrier has been called upon several times as Guest Faculty for Berklee College of Music’s annual Percussion Festival. Chris’s prowess extends beyond the drumming world where he is an active composer, plays the Irish Uilleann Pipes and is a skilled Bodhran player. The following list of international, national, and regional artists he has worked with include: Dave Liebman, Tony Monaco, Jerry Bergonzi, Karl Berger, Clyde Criner, Santi Debriano, Billy Preston, Shawnn Monteiro, Bruno Raberg, Dino Govoni, Andy McWain, Assif Tsahar, Jim Robitaille, Bruce Bartlett, Brad Hatfield, Phil Grenadier, Dave Limina, Bobby Keyes, Chiara Chivello, Alon Yavnia, Fernando Huergo, Greg Abate, Rick Britto, Bob Nieske, Matt Richard, Sophia Koutsovitis, John Harrison III, and Akili Jamal Haynes among others. Poudrier's work is documented on many recordings and he can be seen performing live in the greater Boston area weekly. Highly regarded as an outstanding musical and organic performer on drum set, Poudrier imparts years of experience to his students. Students find their own inner voice and play not as drummers, but as musicians. Through a deep understanding of the music one plays, and technique combined with musicality, students play with drive and groove, passion and originality, thus giving a moving performance to all.