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The New Bedford campus has a well equipped woodworking facility which encompasses more than seven thousand square feet of space. Ten individual graduate studios of approximately 175 square feet allow students to engage in their research and creative process unencumbered. Each student has at least one workbench and lockable cabinet for personally owned tools. There are also common areas with benches for special projects, a steambox facility, and a vacuum table.

The main machine room features many new machines: slot mortiser, radial arm saw, table saw, chop saw, two bandsaws, thickness planar, jointer, router table, lathe, drill press, and three stationary sanders. There is a second, smaller machine room which is part of a classroom, and it contains a small thickness planar, bandsaw, drill press, table saw, jointer, stationary sander, and ten workbenches. A special sanding/grinding room with benches and a stationary belt sander allows for work processes which are exceptionally dusty. A separate spray room is set up for the application of all kinds of finishes and surface treatments.

There is a small conference room/lounge, and a larger meeting room which doubles as a photo studio capable of accomodating the photography of large pieces of work. A wood storage room is kept stocked with a wide range of materials for student use.

Facilities and Equipment

Facilities and Equipment The Wood/Furniture Design studios are in the new downtown New Bedford facility. They are spacious and well-outfitted with modern tools and machines. All equipment has been assembled to meet the demanding standards of contemporary students, and to accommodate their in-depth explorations into both functional and non-functional design. The Graduate Wood Studio accommodates ten graduate students. Each student is provided with approximately 175 square feet of studio space, including a workbench, storage cabinets, access to two centralized machine rooms, a sanding and grinding room, and a finishing room which includes a spray booth.