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MFA Fine Arts Overview

graduate program CVPA Fine Art


Fine Arts has historically been defined by the disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. The program is specifically designed to prepare students for a professional commitment to their art. The goals of the program focus on 1) working towards the evolution of a personal voice, 2) acquiring historical knowledge and understanding of the art of various societies, and 3) developing critical skills in looking at art and discussing aesthetic issues. Graduates are prepared for numerous career choices within their respective disciplines. Students who complete the program have developed a clarity of thinking and a process of personal expression that will allow them to assume the role, in society, of artist as practitioner, artist as educator, and artist as interpreter of their times.

To apply applicants submit materials to the Office of Graduate Studies. To complete your application, a portfolio of 20 images of recent work must be submitted to For more detailed information go to Portfolio Requirements.

For further detail see the Graduate Catalog.