CVPA MFA Sculpture Overview

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60 credits, two- to three-year program of study

We encourage students to discover their identity through their work.

The MFA Sculpture is specifically designed to prepare students for a professional commitment to their art. The goals of the program focus on working toward the evolution of a personal voice, acquiring historical knowledge of sculpture, understanding the art of various cultures, developing critical skills in looking at art and discussing aesthetic issues. Graduates are prepared for numerous career choices within the field of sculpture. Students who complete the program have developed a clarity of thinking and a process of personal expression that will allow them to assume the roles in society of artist as practitioner, artist as educator, and artist as interpreter of their times. Academic courses in art history, critical theory, philosophy, and a broad complement of University offerings support the cultivation of the student's intellectual and aesthetic maturation.

Sculpture MFA Graduate Program Progress Towards Degree Sheet (PDF)

Requirements for Admission

Standards for admission include a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0, a portfolio that demonstrates your capability for advanced work in your chosen discipline, and a personal statement outlining your future direction.

All applicants must submit the following to the Graduate Office: two letters of recommendation from people who can write authoritatively about your accomplishments and potential; a statement of purpose defining the field of study you wish to pursue and describing the ideas that will inform your work; and a portfolio. A personal interview is encouraged. Applicants are urged to refer to the Graduate Catalog for complete information regarding admissions.