MFA Digital Media Facilities

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Visual Design classrooms and studios are located in the CVPA building on the main campus. The CVPA computer labs provide electronic imaging students access to cutting edge computer equipment and industry standard software. Equipment is leased on a three-year cycle and software is upgraded on an annual basis. There are high end Mac labs, where students learn two-dimensional imaging, interface design, web design, three-dimensional modeling, animation, and a PC-based Virtual Reality Lab.

The Design Department in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, on the North Dartmouth Campus, houses three state of the art computer imaging labs which occupy over 3,000-square feet. They function as both teaching labs and homework labs for design students.

The Imaging Lab equipment includes approximately 50 high-end Power Mac workstations. The machines are leased in a manner such that no machine is more than three years old. The machines and software are specifically configured for the purposes of high end imaging, graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, digital video, audio and multimedia interactive interface design.

A wide array of color and black and white printers are available. The lab also contains flat bed and slide scanners as well as large-scale print capability and overhead projection devices for teaching purposes.

The media lab is run by a professional computer technician, Joy Miller, and staffed by work-study students. The labs are open on school days, weekends and evenings. Specific hours are posted on the door to room 258 in the CVPA building.

Virtual Reality Lab - CVPA

The Virtual Reality Lab contains 5 leading-edge, dual-monitor Windows workstations designed specifically to deliver high-end virtual reality simulations. The lab also offers a stereoscopic head-mounted display with head tracking, a haptic feedback vest and several force-feedback 3D controllers. Access to this facility is limited to students enrolled in virtual reality courses.