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Undergraduate Programs

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The College of Visual and Performing Arts is a dynamic arts college offering Bachelor's degree programs in which faculty challenge students to be the very best they can be, and to become fluent in the language of the arts and proficient in the skills and techniques relevant to their fields of interest.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education

The BFA in Art Education is a broad-based degree program, offering courses in the theory and practice of art and education as well as supervised fieldwork in surrounding communities. The scope of the program allows students to work in public or private school systems and other private and public agencies where they can use the arts to engage others in the creative process. The BFA in Art Education is a 130-credit program of study.

Bachelor of Arts in Art History

The Art History curriculum provides its majors with a broad understanding of the major periods and areas of art history, acquaints them with various methods and theories of art historical study, and allows concentration on topics and periods of the student's choosing. In addition, the major offers students opportunities to propose and carry out research projects and to work in arts institutions. The BA in Art History is a 120-credit course of study.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Artisanry

The Department of Artisanry offers three majors:  Ceramics, Jewelry/Metals and Textile Design/Fiber Arts. The curriculum for each major emphasizes material exploration and disciplined technique bonded with a sophisticated aesthetic as the basis of innovative design and personal expression.  Each discipline is grounded in the belief that studio practice exists in strong alliance with history and theory.

Upon graduation, Artisanry students have a strong sense of their own originality and vision, as well as a developed sensitivity to the cultural and environmental demands of contemporary society. The BFA in Artisanry is a 124-credit program of study.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting/2D Studies | Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture/3D Studies

The Department of Fine Arts offers two majors: Painting/2D Studies and Sculpture/3D Studies. Students who choose either one of these disciplines enter a rigorous, four-year program of study. As its foundation, each major has a structured, sequential drawing requirement which provides a rich visual vocabulary and basis for visual problem solving. Faculty teach the fundamental principles and skills of each discipline, enabling students to acquire the knowledge needed to produce a coherent, personal body of creative work. The BFA Painting/2D Studies and BFA Sculpture 3/D Studies each require 124-credits.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Music programs allow for intensive study in applied music, music education, music technology, theory, and music history. What makes this program unique is the study and performance of music from diverse cultures of the world. Upon graduation students are expected to demonstrate performance ability, musical analysis, critical and creative thinking, and original ideas in both the oral and written form. The program is grounded in the importance of cultural sensitivity and giving students the ability to function in a variety of social, geographical, and political contexts. The BA in Music is a 120-credit program that can be tailored to the student's individual interests and needs.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design

Taking advantage of the university's total resources, the Design Department provides a challenging curriculum, interrelating the visual with the verbal, and the conceptual with the perceptual. Faculty represent diverse philosophies and viewpoints and encourage students to explore design within the context of its relationship with all disciplines. The curriculum is rooted in the belief that the contemporary visual artist/designer must have excellent professional skills, be broadly educated, articulate, and literate, and be an active participant in all phases of the design process.

The BFA Visual Design program offers a cluster of professionally oriented options, each with a list of required courses: Digital Media, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography. The BFA in Visual Design is a 124-credit program of study.