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FIA 226 - Introductory Drawing: Idea, Image, and Process
Exploration of drawing as a creative process. Students are introduced to a wide range of drawing concepts, practices and media. Emphasis is placed on developing essential perceptual, technical, formal, analytical and critical skills through work in representation, abstraction, and from imagination. Students explore idea, image, formal elements and their interdependence, and various modes of idea-generation, observation, image-development and expression. (3 credits)

FIA 325 - Intermediate Drawing: Time, Space and Meaning
Requirements: Prerequisite: FIA 221 and FIA 222 or FIA 226 or Instructor’s permission
Exploration of contemporary drawing concepts, practices and media. Students investigate time, space and meaning through 2-d, 3-d and time based drawings, as well as the relationship of form, content and concept in the development of their individual work. Emphasis is placed on experimentation, process, expression and interpretation, and the continued development of essential perceptual, technical, formal, analytical and critical skills. (3 credits)

FIA 423 - Advanced Drawing: Imaginative Drawing
Requirements: Prerequisite: FIA 321 and FIA 322 or FIA 325 or Instructor’s permission
Students to draw from previous drawing experience, while working from imagination, expression and interpretation of dreams, memory, doodles, and fantasies, including comic book narratives. Images in non-western cultures are analyzed. Working abstractly is explored and encouraged as part of the visual vocabulary in this course. (3 credits)

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ATR 273 Introduction to Fibers
An introduction to the primary textile constructions of felting, hand-spinning, knitting, and tapestry. Beginning dyeing includes basic color theory and applied color mixing using fiber reactive and acid dyes. Drawing on the rich resources of world cultural traditions, students explore contemporary adaptations of processes and materials. (3 credits)

ATR 277 Sewn Constructions
Fabric construction techniques to transform fabric from flat plane into three dimensions through the use and modification of commercial patterns. An introduction to draping, surface manipulation, and embellishment forms the conceptual basis for projects which include fashion, accessories and home furnishings. (3 credits)

ATR 300 - 01 Digital Fabrication
Modeling and making in 3 Dimensions: an introduction to Rhinoceros modeling software. Design, visualization, and fabrication processes utilizing modeling and rendering software. Basic techniques in Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided-Manufacturing (CAM). Small scale production techniques and outsourcing for designers/makers. (3 credits)