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CVPA News: Marsh Island: Regenerated

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Marsh Island: Regenerated


Reuben Foat
Jo Anna Hickman
Mikelle Lindsey
John Middleton
Denise Sokolsky
Ge Yang

UMass Dartmouth graduate students in Wood/Furniture Design and Textile Design/Fiber Arts created the art installation from debris collected at a beach cleanup at the Bay Coalition’s Marsh Island conservation area in Fairhaven.

During the cleanup, the student artists collected more than 20 bags of trash and a trailer full of large debris.

Back at their UMass studios, the artists transformed these unique “found objects” into a four-storey multimedia sculpture.

The artists were inspired by the landscape, the impact of the clean-up, and our collective power to regenerate the health of the Bay.

The Marsh Island Story

The 20 acre Marsh Island, actually a peninsula along the Fairhaven shore of New Bedford Harbor, was protected from development by the Buzzards Bay Coalition, the Fairhaven-Acushnet Land Preservation Trust, the Fairhaven Conservation Commission and the New Bedford Harbor Trustee Council.

Once one of the largest salt marsh habitats in the Acushnet River estuary, it was filled with dredge spoils decades ago.

Now, the Coalition is working with these partners and the NOAA Restoration Center to remove the dredge spoil and recreate a large healthy salt marsh. The project will also create trails and make this scenic stretch of the coast accessible to the public.