CVPA Scholarship Information

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Fill out the 2016-2017 Scholarship Application‌ to apply to the following scholarships:

  • David and Alfrede Myerson Scholarship
  • Alda Alves / Bruce Yenawine Scholarship 
  • Booth Family Book Fund 
  • Ayuko Ito Scholarship Fund
  • Lillian Telles Jenkins Scholarship
  • Margot Neugebauer Award
  • Henry H. Crapo Endowed Scholarship  
  • Samuel Gamburd Memorial Art Scholarship
  • Emil “Smokey” Ameen Endowment Scholarship

Deliver completed forms to the CVPA Dean’s Office, CVPA Room 301
Deadline:  March 31, 2016


Other CVPA Scholarships and Awards for which students are recommended by the faculty or determined for eligibility by the Office of Financial Aid:

  • Samuel & Sarah Bradbury Scholarship
  • Frances Canto Art Scholarship
  • Community Education Council
  • Karon Richardson Doherty Memorial Scholarship
  • Edward K. Johnson Scholarship
  • Ronald LaMeire Memorial Scholarship
  • Bobby Greene Music Scholarship
  • David Loeffler Smith Scholarship

Eligible students are also encouraged to apply to scholarships at the links provided below. These links also appear on the Financial Aid website.

Cecilia B. Ward Scholarship Application

General Scholarships - All Students

UMass System Presidential Scholarships

University of Massachusetts Scholarship Opportunities

Private Scholarships