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Art History Minor: 21 Credits


"As a Graphic Designer, minoring in Art History has strengthened my research and analytical skills, and has also sharpened my ability to frame logical arguments. These competencies have directly impacted my writing ability, an essential skill that I now use on a daily basis for building customer and client relationships." ---James Minior, 2012 ----

Art History minors practice their curatorial skills.

Art History minors practice their curatorial skills.

Expand your knowledge and opportunities with an Art History Minor

Students in all fields, especially those in other humanities programs or in art and design, are encouraged to enhance  their academic credentials with a Minor in Art History. They will find that it complements their majors and enriches their understanding of contemporary and historical cultures.

Admission to the Minor

Any student who has earned at least 54 university credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and a 2.5 GPA in his or her major may request admission to the Art History Minor. Permission may be granted by the Chairperson, provided such request is made in writing, at any time before graduation. Forms are available in the Registrar’s Office.


At least 21 credit hours in Art History courses (designated by the prefix ARH), at least 12 credit hours of which must be above the 100-level and three credits hours of which must be at the 400-level in a Seminar course (ARH 442-490).

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in all Art History courses.

Art History Minor Curriculum Guide 2016-17 (PDF)

Art History Minor Request Form (PDF)