UMASS Dartmouth Art History BA Overview

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ART HISTORY MAJOR: 120 credit, four-year program

BA Overview

Art History is the study of visual artifacts that express the values of cultures. In addition to works that have been traditionally viewed as art, such as painting, sculpture, architecture, prints, drawings, ceramics, textiles, and metalwork, art history also embraces urban planning, cinema, animation, design, photography, digital imaging, and many others.

Students viewing and discussing art work
Students reviewing and discussing facsimiles of the Gulshan Album (a book containing Indian, Persian, Central Asian, Turkish, and European illustrations) from the Golistan Palace Archives in Tehran. With guest lecturer Dr. Milo Beach and Professor Pamela Karimi.

All majors complete 36 -39 credits of ARH courses, of which, 3 credits must be taken in a non-Western area, 3 credits must be taken as an internship in Art & Engagement, and 3 credits must be taken in a the Senior Seminar course. 12 of these credits must be taken above the 100-level. In addition to the departmental requirements listed below, all students must meet the University's graduation requirements, including those for general education University Study.
Art History BA Curriculum Guide (PDF).

Art History Learning Outcomes 

Art History Requirements

All applicants must follow UMass Dartmouth's admissions procedures as defined in the University Catalog.

The Department of Art History requires all majors to have a laptop/computer by the beginning of their second year. Follow these links for Computer Requirements and discounts.

Degree Essentials & Requirements