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UMASS Dartmouth Art History Directory

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Memory Holloway


Dr. Memory Holloway (Chair)

Office: CVPA, Room 360A
Phone: (508) 999-8554
E-Mail: mholloway@umassd.edu  

 Anna Dempsey


Dr. Anna Dempsey

Office: CVPA, Room  360A
Phone: (508) 999-8553
E-Mail: adempsey@umassd.edu

 Magali Carrera


Dr. Magali Carrera

At present, Dr. Carrera is on leave from the Department
of Art History

 Pamela Karimi


Dr. Pamela Karimi

Office: CVPA, Room 313
Phone: (508) 910-6957
E-Mail: zkarimi@umassd.edu

 Jennifer McIntire


Dr. Jennifer McIntire

At present, Dr. McIntire is on leave from the Department
of Art History, but will be teaching this upcoming Spring.

 Thomas Stubblefield


Dr. Thomas Stubblefield

Office: CVPA, Room 155
Phone: (508) 910-6971
E-Mail: tstubblefield@umassd.edu

Hallie Meredith  


Dr. Hallie Meredith

Office: CVPA, Room 155
Phone: (508) 999-8547
E-Mail: hmeredith@umassd.edu

 Allison Cywin


Allison J. Cywin, Visual Resource Director

Office: CVPA, Room 253
Phone: (508) 999-8701
E-Mail: acywin@umassd.edu

 Linda Zeiper


Linda Zeiper, Art Librarian

Office: Library
Phone: (508) 999-8526
E-Mail: lzeiper@umassd.edu

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Diane Carns, Assistant Visual Resource Curator

Office: CVPA, Room 253
Phone: (508) 999-8701
E-Mail: dcarns@umassd.edu

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Charlene N. Ryder, Department Secretary

Office: CVPA, Room 151
Phone: (508) 999-8546
E-Mail: cryder@umassd.edu


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UMass Dartmouth - CVPA
Art History Dept.
285 Old Westport Road
North Dartmouth, MA 02747