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UMASS Dartmouth Art History Minor - Film and Media Studies

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Students interested in the history and theory of film, photography, animation and new media are encouraged to enhance their academic credentials with a Minor in Film and Media Studies.  The 18 credit program consists of two required courses and any four of the 300-level courses listed below.  Any student who has earned at least 54 university credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and a 2.5 GPA in his or her major may request admission to the Film and Media Studies Minor.   



ARH 105 Visual Imagery: A Critical Introduction
ARH 200 Studies in Visual Culture

4 of the following:

DES 331 History of Design
ARH 332 New Media
ARH 371 Theory of Photography
ARH 323 Women, Film, & Popular Culture
ARH 374 Iranian Cinema
ARH 376 Film and Media Studies: Theories and Methods
SOC/ANT 350 - Photography and Visual Culture/ Representation and Power
SOC/ANT 350- Media and Education

Art History Film and Media Studies Minor Curriculum Guide 15-16.pdf

Art History Minor Request Form.pdf