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Textile Design/Fiber Arts Minor

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21 credits

Qualified students may complete a minor in Textile Design/Fiber Arts within the Artisanry Department. The minor consists of 21 credits. To declare a TD/FA Minor, students must be a degree candidate who has earned at least 54 credits, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.000 and a minimum 2.500 grade point average in their major.

The Textile Design/Fiber Arts Minor selects 9 credits from a core of Sophomore level studios, then chooses a Textile Design or Fiber Arts track with a selection of Junior level electives specific to the program area. Students must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 in all minor classes in order to proceed in the minor. Passing the Junior Year Review is required if a student elects to move into the senior 400 level studio classes.

Textile Design/Fiber Arts Minor Course Curriculum:

Textile Design/Fiber Arts Core

Select 9 credits from the following:

  • ATR 273    Weaving 1 (off loom weaving)
  • ATR 274    Weaving 2 (on loom)
  • ATR 277    Textile Design 1: Pattern and Stitch: 2D to 3D
  • ATR 278    Textile Design 2: Repeat Pattern Design

Select 12 credits from the following:

  • ATR 300    Technical Structures
  • ATR 372    Computer Assisted Design
  • ATR 373    Weaving 3
  • ATR 378    Textile Design 4: Screen Print
  • ATR 476, 477, 478 or 479*

*Up to three credits of Senior level are allowed if a student successfully passes Junior Year Review.