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Music Minor

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24 credit program of study

MUS XXX Applied Voice/Instrument* 4cr
MUS XXX Electives 6cr
MUS 171 Music Theory I 3cr
MUS 172 Music Theory II 3cr
MUS 203 Survey of Western Music I 3cr
MUS 204 Survey of Western Music II 3cr
MUS 165 Class Piano I 1cr
MUS 166 Class Piano II 1cr

The Music Minor is available to any UMass Dartmouth student who meets the university requirement of a minimum grade point average of 2.5 or above and passes an audition with the Department of Music. The Minor is designed for students who want to continue to develop their musical abilities in any of the following areas of concentration:  piano, voice or orchestral instruments. The Minor also allows students who are considering majoring in Music the opportunity to begin serious study within the Department of Music at UMass Dartmouth.

Students who demonstrate a special ability or interest may pursue an individualized program of study with the approval of the full music faculty.  Procedures for individualized study must first be discussed with the Department Chair of the Department of Music.  

Students who successfully complete the Music Minor will have it stated on their official transcript.


*Students must participate in Performance Workshop (MUS 291) when enrolled in Applied Voice/Instrument Study.  Students are also required to participate in a major ensemble for at least one semester.





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