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Image & Multimedia Submission

Visual Resource Center

Visual Resource Center

Visual Resource Centers welcomes all opportunites to collaborate and assist faculty who wish to contribute to or to utilize LUNA to manage their collections.

VRC is happy to work with faculty on ways to manage and organize their personal image and multimedia digital collections for years to come.

For more information please contact the Visual Resource Center.


File Names Convention

  • Begin naming your files with the year of submission,  followed by your first initial and last name, underscore and title of work.
  • Add three digit number to works with the same title. Ex: 12acywin_untitled_001.
  • Use lowercase letters and numbers.
  • Do not include spaces, symbols, caps, or punctuation.
  • Do not exceed twenty-four characters.

Image Digital File

  • Size: minimum 3,000 pixels (longest dimension)
  • Minimum Resolution: 600
  • File Format:  Uncompressed Tiff

Multimedia Digital File

  • File Format: a master uncompressed .avi file (no size limit) and an uncompressed file .flv, .mp4 or .mov formats (maxium size 175MB)

Caption/Identification of Work

  • Download and complete the Submission Form.
  • Complete the Excel Sheet and submit with media.

Alternative Submission

  • After completing all of the above, burn completed "Submission Form" and your digital files to a CD/DVD(s).
  • Submit CD/DVD(s) to Allison Cywin, Visual Resource Curator, CVPA - Main Campus, Room 253.

Help contact Allison Cywin at 508-999-8701 or email.





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