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I Need Help!

I've been sexually assaulted or raped

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted or raped, we'd like to help. You can stop by the Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality or Public Safety at any time. The UMASS Public Safety has information on what you can do here . Help catch the criminal! We'd like to make sure you have support, and offer what we can to help.  Or you can call us, or send us an e-mail. See our contacts page.

If you were raped and the alleged perpetrator was not wearing a condom, or you do not know if they were, then you might consider an Emergency Contraceptive (EC). More information can be found at PlannedParenthood. The Health Center or the Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality will also have more information.

Other informative resources: 

I'm being abused

If you or someone you know is in a dating violence or domestic violence relationship, the CWGS can help.  We can assist you with obtaining a restraining order and refer you for counseling.  Go here for more resources.

LiveWell - Wellness Resources - Dating & Relationship Violence


I just had unprotected sex, or the protection failed

See the PlannedParenthood Emergency Contraceptive (EC) resource page for information on the drug. Emergency contraception (plan b) is now available over the counter. You must ask for it at the pharmacy. If under 18, please contact 1-888-NOT-2-LATE

Is an abortion legal? Where can I go?

Having an abortion is legal in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and there are several clinics available . The PlannedParenthood website also offers some good information on abortion. With the right to choose, you should make an informed decision most suited to you. Feel free to ask us any questions you have!





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