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Honggang Wang, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Science and Engineering

214 F





1996 Southwest Jiaotong University, China B.E. in Electrical Engineering
2001 Southwest Jiaotong University, China M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering
2009 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ph.D in Computer Engineering


  • Wireless networks and mobile computing
  • Body area networks
  • Computer architecture
  • Object-oriented software development

Research interests

  • Biomedical computing
  • Embedded systems
  • Multimedia communication
  • Networks and multimedia security
  • Software design

Research activities

  • Developing A Physical-Channel Based Lightweight Authentication System for Wireless Body Area Networks, PI
  • Collaborative Research: Design of a wearable biosensor system with wireless network for the remote detection of life threatening events in neonates
  • A Cross-layer End-to-End Performance Modeling Approach for Large-Scale Random Wireless Networks with Node Cooperative Behavior
  • Acquisition of COMET, A Cognitive RadiO Multimedia NEtwork Testbed for Multimedia Communication Research and Education
  • Data Collection via CRS&SI Technology to Determine when to Impose SLR. Funded by U.S. Federal Department of Transportation

Select publications

L. Song, S. Wu, H. Wang (2016).
SIMPLEX: Symbol-level Information MultiPLEX
IEEE Internet of Things Journal

Dapeng Wu, Yanyan Wang, Honggang Wang, Boran Yang, Chonggang Wang, Ruyan Wang (2015).
Dynamic Coding Control in Social Intermittent Connectivity Wireless Networks
IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology

Dapeng Wu, Hongpei Zhang, Honggang Wang, Chonggang Wang, Ruyan Wang, Yi Xie (2015).
Quality of Protection (QoP)-Driven Data Forwarding for Intermittently Connected Wireless Networks
IEEE Wireless Communication Magazine

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