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2013 Transformative Researchers and Educators for Democracy Conference

2nd Annual TRED Conference 2013 

Voices and Silences of Social and Cognitive Justice

November 15 and 16, 2013
Woodland Commons
UMass Dartmouth

Download the TRED Conference 2013 Program

Hosted by the Doctoral Students in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

This second conference, sponsored by the doctoral students in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program at UMass-Dartmouth, manifests our core belief that the struggle for social justice is a struggle for cognitive justice.

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Transformative Researchers and Educators for Democracy (TRED) Conference 2013

We are extending a special invitation to graduate students, educators, researchers, leaders, professionals, and the community to participate in the conference.

We seek to provide a public space for educational researchers and practitioners to engage in critical and transformative dialogues through forums, presentation sessions, panel discussions, and informal gatherings, which place the discussion of educational leadership and policy within the dynamics of ideological production, that reflect existing power imbalances that perpetuate inequalities within society. 

The conference will have two keynote Speakers, in conjunction with numerous forums for critical discussion that will provide an opportunity for educational researchers and practitioners to engage in dialogue relevant to regional, national, and international interests.

Hotels and Directions

The hotels are 5-15 minutes from UMass Dartmouth

Be sure to ask for the UMass visitor rate

The conference will offer several primary lenses through which Critical Transformative Leadership and Policy can be explored
in contemporary educational discourse and practice:

  • Prejudice and Neutrality in Curriculum, Assessment, and Leadership: Race, Class, Gender, and Ethnicity
  • Critical Criminal Justice and Education Policy
  • Cultural Politics of Exclusion: Globalization, Imperialism, and Colonialism
  • Individuality, Spirituality, and Cognitive Justice
  • Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Public Policy: Identities, Languages, and Sexualities
  • Special Education and Dis/Ability Studies
  • Ethics and Education
  • Literature, Aesthetics, and Education

As such, the conference will be invaluable for academics, state and district administrators, school building leaders, K-12 teachers and educational policy makers at all levels.



Matthew Malone
Mass Secretary of Education
Download the flyer

Donaldo Macedo
UMass Boston
Download the flyer

For more information contact:

Elaine Andrade





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