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João Paraskeva

Joao Paraskeva faculty image

João Paraskeva Ph.D., University of Minho, Portugal (2004)
Specializes in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Curriculum Theory and Development, Critical Theory, Qualitative Methods, Southern Theory.

João Paraskeva is the Chair of the Department of Education Leadership and Program Director of the EdD PhD in Education Leadership and Policy Studies. He teaches courses in the Doctoral Program in Education Leadership and Policy Studies, Masters of Public Policy and Masters of Arts and Teaching. He was born in in Maputo, then People’s Republic of Mozambique, and concluded the middle and secondary education under the Marxist-Leninist state. He graduated in Humanities (Ancient Greek, Latin and Portuguese), Masters in Education, major in Curriculum Studies and a PhD in Education major in Curriculum Studies. A former middle school and high school teacher in the southern Africa region he was also a Professor at the University of Minho Portugal, Honorary Fellow of the University of Wisconsin Madison, Visiting Professor at the University of La Coruna, Spain, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil, University of Florence, Italy, and Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. 

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Research Interests

João Paraskeva’s research interests are profoundly interdisciplinary and focus on the relation between social policy, education, and curriculum within the dynamics of ideological production. Paraskeva has writen substantively around the relationship between economy, culture and power in education, southern theory, non-western epistemological frameworks trying to understand the impacts of neoliberal globalization forms in the public sphere. He is particularly interested in doing research regarding the tensions and challenges within and between critical and post-structural theories. While he is definitely not pioneered the exegesis of such intricate tensions, he has undertaken fairly original research in understanding such intricate epistemological clashes, as well as producing new theoretical paths that challenge the totalitarianism of both dominant and particular counter dominant western epistemological approaches thus bringing to the fore the importance non-western epistemological approaches to better understand the production and reproduction of the systems of reason that govern social policy and research related to education. Paraskeva shows an emerging interest in Southern Theory and its interplay with social policies. With over 40 books published and many peered reviewed articles, Paraskeva’s lastest work (i.e. Conflicts in Curriculum Theory. Challenge Hegemonic Epistemologies. New York: Palgrave) put foward a new theorectical path to examine social policy, in general and education and curriculum, in particular. He is currently working on a book Righting the Left. Hegemony, Power and Education.

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Spring 2014

ELP 582                                 Colloquium II: Critical Issues in Teaching and Learning                                    
ELP 584 Colloquium IV: Promoting Parental and Civic Engagement in Schools
ELP 600 Integrative Seminar
ELP 665 Colloquium VI: Leadership and Change at the District Level


Fall 2013

ELP 554 Social Historical Foundations of American Education
ELP 581 Colloquium I: Politics & Education
ELP 583 Colloquium III: Innovations & Instructional Design & Technology
ELP 653 Political Economy or Urban Education
ELP 664 Colloquium V: Global Contests in Educational Policy
POL 570 Social Historical Foundations of American Education

Summer 2013

ELP 551 Introduction to Educational Leadership and Public Policy
ELP 562 Human Resources and Change Management in Education
ELP 691 Dissertation Seminar I

Spring 2013

ELP 600 Integrative Seminar

Fall 2012 

ELP 572 Qualitative Research Methods
ELP 581 Colloquium - Politics and Education
ELP 583 Colloquium - Innovations in Instructional Design and Technology
MAT 614 Curriculum Theory and Design

Summer 2012

ELP 551 Introduction to Educational Leadership and Public Policy
EDU 500-01 Foundations of Teaching and Learning
MAT 605-8101 Independent Study
MAT 602-8102 Independent Study

Spring 2012

AT 614  Curriculum: Theory and Design
ELP 555  Design and Evaluation of Education Systems
ELP 582 Critical Issues in Teaching and Learning [Colloquium II]

Fall 2011

ELP 554 Social Historic and Philosophical Foundations
POL 570  Social Historic and Philosophical Foundations
ELP 581 Politics and Education [Colloquium I]
MAT 613 Urban Education and Social Issues 

Summer 2011

MAT 613 Urban Education and Social Issues (1st Session) 
MAT 613  Urban Education and Social Issues (2ndSession) 
ELP 551 Introduction to Educational Leadership and Public Policy

Spring 2011

MAT 613 Urban Education and Social Issues (1st Session) 
MAT 613  Urban Education and Social Issues (2ndSession) 
PST 102 Introduction to Policy Studies

Fall 2010

MAT 611 Social Foundations in American Education
MAT 613  Urban Education and Social Issues

Spring 2010

MAT 611 Social Foundations in American Education
MAT 613  Urban Education and Social Issues

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  • Paraskeva, João Menelau & Torres Santome, Jurjo (2012) Globalisms and Power. New York: Peter Lang.
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2012), Challenging Neoliberal Global Minotaur. Giroux, Henry, A. (2011) Education and the Crisis of Public Values. Challenging the Assault on Teachers, Students and Public Education. New York: Peter Lang, pp., 127, Policy Futures in Education.
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2011) Conflicts in Curriculum Theory. Challenging Hegemonic Epistemologies. New York: Palgrave. 
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2011) Nova Teoria Curricular. [New Curriculum Theory]. Lisboa: Edicoes Pedago.
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2011) (Ed) Estudos Culturais, Poder e Educacao [Cultural Studies, Power & Education]. Lisboa; Edicoes Pedago
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2011) “Education and Social Exclusion”. Karabel, Jerome (2005) The chosen. The hidden history of admission and exclusion at Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 711pp., ISBN-13: 978-0-618-57458-2, Itineraries. Global Forum of Educational Research, January 2011, Vol.1, Nº1, pp. 62-64 
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau “Understanding the Present by Digging. Rasmussen, Daniel (2011) American Uprising. The Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt. New York. Harper Collins, 288, pp. ISBN 9780061995217 Itineraries. Global Forum of Educational Research, May 2011, Vol.1, Nº2, p. 98-99 
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau e Au, Wayne (2010) (Ed) O Direito a Escolha em Educacao [The Right the Choose in Education]. Lisboa: Edicoes Pedago.
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2009) (Ed) Capitalismo Academico. Eutanasia Neoliberal ao Ensino Superior Publico [Academic Capitalism. Neoliberal Euthanasia to Public Higher Education]. Lisboa: Edições Pedago.
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2009) Unaccomplished Utopia. Neoliberal Dismantling of European Higher Education. Rotterdam: Sense.
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2009)The Construction of Violence/non Violene in Schools and the Media. In John Shostack and Jill Shostack. Researching Violence, Democracy and the Rights of People. London: Routledge, 
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2009) Portugal’s Colonized Colonialism. In Eero Ropo and Tero Autio. (eds) International Conversations on Curriculum Studies Subject, Society and Curriculum. Rotterdam: Sense, pp., 335 – 390. 
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2008) Paraskeva, João Menelau. ΗΠορτογαλίαθαείναι πάνταένααφρικανικόέθνος: Ανάμεσαστον πολιτισμότωνβαρβάρωνκαιστιςβαρβαρότητεςτου πολιτισμού. ΗΠαγκοσμιοποίησητουΡατσισμού. Επιμέλεια: Donaldo Macedo και Panayota Gounari. Θεσσαλονίκη: Επίκεντρο
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2008). Cole, Mike (2007). Education, Equality and Human Rights. London: Routledge. European Education Research Journal, Volume 7, (3), pp, 407 – 413.
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2008) Paraskeva, João Menelau. Mozambique: Remasculimization of Democracy. In Dave Hill and Ellen Rosskam (Eds.) (Vol. 3) The Developing World and State Education: Neo-liberal Depredation and Egalitarian Alternatives. New York: Routledge, 197 – 215.
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2007) Ideologia, Cultura e Curriculum [Ideology, Culture and Curriculum]. Porto. Didáctica. Preface by Michael Apple. 
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2006) Portugal will always be an African Nation. A Calibanian Prosperous or a Prospering Caliban?” In Donaldo Macedo and Panayota Gounari (eds), The Globalization of Racism. Boulder: Paradigm Press, pp., 241-268). 
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau, Torres Santome, Jurjo & Apple, Michael (2003) Ventos de Desescolarizacao. A Nova Ameaca A Escolarizacao Publica. [Winds of [De]schooling. The New Threat to Public Schooling]. Lisboa: Plátano Editora
  • Paraskeva, João Menelau (2000) As Dinamicas dos Conflictos Ideologicos e Culturais na Fundamentacao do Curriculo. [The Dynamics of Cultural and Ideological Conflicts within Educational and Curriculum Foundations]. Porto: ASA Editores.  Preface by Michael Apple and an Introduction by Jurjo Torres Santomé.

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  • European Union PromoDoc Ambassador of the Erasmus Mundus Graduate Program in the United States (2012- )
  • Centre of Global Studies in Education, University of Waikato, New Zealand (2012 - )
  • American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (Program Chair 2011 – present)
  • American Educational Research Association, (Reviewed Research Proposals, 2006 - present) 
  • Itineraries – Global Forum for Education Research (Editor 2011 – Present)
  • Routledge/Falmer Press (Review Manuscript -2010 – Present)
  • Sense Publisher (Series Editor 2010 – Present)
  • Education Policy Analysis Archives (Editorial Board 2009 – Present)
  • Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies (Editorial Board 2006 – Present)
  • Revista Angolana de Sociologia (Editorial Board 2008 – Present)
  • Revista Curriculo Sem Fronteiras (Editor 2000 – Present)
  • Critical Education (Review Manuscript, 2009 – Present)
  • International Journal of Critical Education (Editorial Board, 2008 – Present)
  • Edicoes Pedago (Series Editor 2005 – Present)
  • Didatica Editora (Series Editor 2000 – Present)
  • Cadernos de Educacao (Editorial Board, 2003 – Present)

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