M.Sc Theses List:

Academic Year:  2013-2014:

Booshehrian, Abbas

Characteristics of sustainable hot mix asphalt and the effects of rejuvenators on the performance and degree of blending

Advisor: Dr. Walaa S. Mogawer


Gargari, Mohammadreza Moharrami

Geometrical nonlinearity: application in time history analysis of offshore jacket platforms and buckling analysis of thin walled structures

Advisor: Dr. Mazdak P. Tootkaboni


Gharehtapeh, Ali Moradi

Uncertainty and sensitivity of vapor intrusion models using probabilistic methods

Advisor: Dr. Kelly Pennell


Khatami, Dena

Probabilistic modeling of nano-silver reactions in the environmental systems

Advisor:  Dr. Mazdak P. Tootkaboni


Saleeba, Zachary S. S. L.

Inactivation of Bacillus subtilis spores using ultraviolet radiation, ionic silver and silver nanoparticles

Advisor:  Dr. Kelly Pennell


Vahidi, Siavash

Evaluating the effects of crumb rubber modifier (CRM) modified asphalt and dry added treated CRM on performance characteristics of RAP mixtures

Advisor:  Dr. Walaa S. Mogawer


Academic Year:  2012-2013:

Cabral, Christopher S.

Analysis and evaluation of freeze-thaw prediction models for use with spring load restriction application and removal methods

Advisor:  Dr. Heather J. Miller


Valadares, Edson A.

An experimental study on the ductility of the high strength reinforced concrete beams

Advisor:  Dr. Nima Rahbar


Academic Year:  2010-2012:

Haggag, Mohamed Monir Mohamed Said

Fatigue cracking resistance evaluation of warm mix asphalt and hot mix asphalt mixtures using uniaxial cyclic tension compression text

Advisor:  Dr. Walaa S. Mogawer


Academic Year:  2009-2010:

Engstrom, Bryan

Design of high percentage recycled asphalt pavement in hot mixture asphalt with warm mix technology for thin lit applications

Advisor:  Dr. Walaa S. Mogawer


Pandit, Arka

Selective removal and recovery of phosphate from wastewater

Advisor:  Dr. Sukalyan Sengupta


Yao, Yifu

Removal of non-point sources of nitrogen using denitrifying bioreactors with elemental sulfur as electron donor

Advisor:  Dr. Sukalyan Sengupta


Academic Year:  2006-2008:


Dahlen, Colin

Lateral torsional buckling with imperfect bracing

Advisor: Dr. William Edberg


Fahmy, Aly Mohamed

Investigation of material properties of Portland cement concrete combined with recycled asphalt pavement (RAP)

Advisor: Dr. Christos G. Papakonstantinou


Katakalos, Konstantinos

Flexural performance under static and fatigue loading of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with steel reinforced inorganic polymer (SRiP)

Advisor:  Dr. Christos G. Papakonstantinou