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History of the Computer and Information Science department

Annotated timeline

CIS History (PDF)

Annotated history

The Computer and Information Department was originally established in early Spring 1983 as one of academic departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. The department offered at this time the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program. In 1988 the program became accredited by the Computer Science Accreditation Board (CSAB). In 2000 the CSAB has been federated with Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology and renamed into Computing Accreditation Commission. The BS in Computer Science program has been continuously accredited since 1988. So far we have awarded approximately 500 BS in Computer Science degrees.

We also offer, for majors in other disciplines, three minors: in Computer Science, in Software Engineering, in Systems Software.

In Fall 1988 the Computer and Information Science Department started offering Master of Science in Computer Science degree. So far we have awarded approximately 350 MS in Computer Science degrees.

Beginning January 2005 we started offering a 5-year program BS/MS in Computer Science Option for qualified undergraduate majors in computer science at UMass Dartmouth.

Since Fall 2007 the department also offers Software Engineering Option within Bachelor of Computer Science program.

In June 1995 the Computer and Information Science Department moved as one of the academic departments to the College of Engineering.

Between 1997 and 2005 the CIS Department offered Master of Science degree in Computer Science at Raytheon Electronic Systems, Portsmouth, Rhode Island as on-site program. Approximately 40 Raytheon employees received MS in Computer Science degree. Similarly, between 1996-2003, we offered MS in Computer Science degree in Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China) as on-site program. Approximately 50 Taiwanese students received MS in Computer Science degrees.

Our faculty grew from several founding faculty in 1983 to 14 full-time faculty in Fall 2006. Our student body also grew significantly with maximum reaching 350 computer science majors in year 2002 and 250 computer science majors in 2006. Currently we have 150 undergraduate computer science majors and 100 graduate computer science majors.





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