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 BS/MS in Computer Science Option

BS and MS in Computer Science in 5 years

Credits and courses

The option requires a total of 141 credits forming a superset of credits required for existing BS in Computer Science program and the existing MS in Computer Science program. Three undergraduate CIS technical electives are substituted by CIS graduate courses. Students pursuing this option are required to complete Master’s Thesis.  

Eligibility to apply

Current undergraduate computer science student as well as any transfer student is eligible to apply if s/he meets the following conditions:

  • Completed 60 credits towards UMD BS in Computer Science
  • Did not take and is not currently enrolled in any senior level (400-level) or graduate (500-level) CIS course
  • Completed CIS courses: 180/181, CIS 190, CIS 272, CIS 273, CIS 280 (or equivalent in case of transfer students)
  • Has GPA in CIS courses (all CIS courses completed at the time of application) of 3.0 or higher
  • Completed mathematics courses: MTH 181/182 & MTH 111/112 (or equivalent in case of transfer students) with GPA of 2.8 or higher

This option is intended for students who are in progress towards completing their first bachelor’s degree. The above eligibility conditions specify a time frame stating the “no earlier than” and “no later than” constraints when student can select the Computer Science BS-MS Option.

Earning a BS Degree

Student has earned a BS degree in Computer Science when he/she meets all the requirements of the BS program with the following exception: graduate courses taken by the student can count as undergraduate CIS Technical Electives.

Changing from undergraduate to graduate status

Student’s status changes automatically from undergraduate to graduate at the time when s/he completes the requirements of the BS in Computer Science. Student can request the change of status from undergraduate to graduate at any point after the following conditions are met:

  • Completed 108 credits towards BS in Computer Science
  • Completed all required Junior-level (300-level) CIS and MTH courses
  • Has GPA in CIS courses of 3.0 or higher

Operational issues

Application process and required documentation

Applications to Computer Science BS-MS option will be handled in the same way as applications to the existing MS in Computer Science program (Applications will be reviewed by the CIS Graduate Committee.)

Documents required at the time of application are the same as for MS in Computer Science program with exception of GRE and TOEFL exam scores (and obviously a Bachelor’s degree.)

Performance monitoring and dismissal policy

Students of Computer Science BS-MS Option are subject to Performance Monitoring and Dismissal Policy (PMDP) in force for existing MS in Computer Science program. GPA for all CIS courses will replace GPA for graduate courses used as criteria in the current PMDP for the period before obtaining graduate status. GPA for all senior-level (400-level) and graduate courses will be used after the student obtains the graduate student status.

Students who are dismissed from Computer Science BS-MS Option will be automatically transferred to the existing BS in Computer Science program.