List of Master's Theses


Jean F. Rahme

Ran Wei

Boddie, Mark

Li, Arturo W

Plante, Jeremy M 



Ram, Prashant K.  

Sarangapurkar, Raghavendra.  

Bikram, Rajesh R. C.  

Savaria, Daniel Thomas.  


Vishen, Rahul. 

Reddyreddy, Abhinay Kartik. 

 Singh, Abishek. 

 Prabhudesai, Pranita A. 

Mattoo, Piyush. 

Ni, Na. 

Dahodwala, Aliasgar. 


Komatireddy, Bharat. 


Chandran, Deepak. 

Joshi, Aashay. 

Packer, Ari. 

Shrestha, Bhavesh. 

Nagelly, Harish Reddy. 

Beaton, Derek Francis. 

Stack, Danielle Joy. 

Jain, Deepti. 

Hammond, John H. 

Baveja, Harit. 

Patel, Bhumit. 

Forbes, Daniel R. 

Bollampally, Rahul. 

Chaudhuri, Ayan Hom. 


Khadka, Binsan. 

Patel, Rinkesh. 

Devurkar, Priyank R. 

Ravindran, Sai. 

Robidoux, Ryan Mark. 

Sood, Vishal. 

Patil, Yash. 

MacLean, Daniel S. 

Gami, Nirmal. 

Chavali, Pavanchand. 

Karnik, Almitra. 

Jain, Nidhi.

Curro, Robert Joseph. 

Gaurav, Kunal.

Sharma, Amit. 


Takkallapally, Anirudh. 

Chaudhari, Swapnil. 

Patel, Samarth Deepak. 

Joseph, Shiji George. 

Thorat, Sangram. 

Tilve, Pallavi S. 

Sharma, Rohit. 

Basnet, Animesh. 

 Jyoti, Jeewan.

Buer, Alexandre. 

 Sikder, Avijit. 

Lapteva, Oxana. 

 Ayachit, Mihir M. 

Lin, Shunde. 


Moolani, Veena
Shape analysis and spatio-temporal tracking of mesoscale eddies in the Miami isopycnic coordinate ocean model

Zheng, Qinhe
The study of virtual organization

Ray, Sourish
Application of difference-in-clustering for identification of oceanographic features

Yancho, Jeffrey C.
Computer aided indentification of unersea mines

Nanda, Sameer
Design patterns for resource allocation

Parimoo, Sparsh
Focused crawler based on latent semantic analysis

Cheng, Yi-Tsung
A formal approach to detecting shilling behavior in concurrent online auctions

Naik, Sheetal
IDEM: an internet delay emulator approach for assessing VoIP quality

Joshi, Sachin
Security in inter-organizational workflows modeled by petri nets


Vichare, Shivraj Shirish
Agile - data warehousing: the backbone of business intelligence

Chaudhuri, Ayan Hom
Automated oceanographic feature detection from high resolution satellite images

Chen, Jian-Lun
Complexity of workflow mining algorithm for petri-net based workflow

Shah, Vishal S.
Conditional mapping in data mediation

Ram, Prashant K.
Design patterns in resource management

Lin, Ke
An extended algorithm for finding lower bounds on messages for secure protocols

Bauskar, Bhushan
Integration of object oriented design and colored petri nets using abstract node approach

Song, Yiluo
Parallel approaches for IP packet address lookup

Lu, Chia-Hsin
Sequence alignment analysis with genetic algorithm (GA)


Ravinder, Prashanth
General marriage problem in multi-stage decision-making in domains with large supply and smaller demand

Tu, Phuong My
A genetic algorithm approach to optimization of backbone network topology design

Wang, Zuyan
Petri net morphisms and their roles in formal development of concurrrent systems

Zhang, Bo
Verifiable message set : detecting guessing attacks on cryptographic protocols


Cabeza, Alberto M.
Rapid prototyping of parallel and distributed systems using Object-Oriented Petri Nets models - a comparataive analysis


Rui, Fuding
The application of ensemble method in neural network training and generalization

Schulze-Dèobold, Jèurgen
Three dimensional computer graphics: time efficient display of surfaces of revolution


Sattler, Theo
Extending of exception-handling in an object oriented environment supporting template classes

Iacobbo, Stephen D.
How problem complexity relates to neural network size


Walker, Tilman Patrick
Conveying expert structural knowledge to the user in a hypermedia tutoring system using a graphical overview

Glessmann, Heiko
Object oriented distributed operating systems

Bertone, Paul Nicolas
Paradigms of biomolecular computation

Juergens, Marcus
Performance evaluation of client-server systems with generalized stochastic petri nets

Boehm, Jan Oliver
Robot arm object - software for motion control


Vogt, Stefan
A design and development method for artificial neural network projects

Adilinis, Despina
Evaluation of methods for reengineering a COBOL application into relational database


Blum, Joachim
Microkernel operating systems in parallel architectures

Higgins, Joyce R.
Personal computer bios : an object oriented design


Jin, Hua-Ming
Graphical user interface in computer network topology optimization

Qiu, Shijie
Self-organizing neural networks and exemplar selection for training back-propagation neural network


Jia, Ruomong
A memory-based neural model--CMAC : an associative neural network alternative to back propagation


Rumbut, John T.
Managing complexity for large embedded real-time interactive systems

Zhou, Lin
Incorporating radial basis function and product units into back propagation neural networks


Stringham, David M.
Modeling of cache coherency protocols in multiprocessor systems using petri nets