Linux Remote Access

To access a Virtual Linux machine you can use the UMASS Virtual Computing Lab and select:

UMassD Virtual Linux Development Environment

This will give you a virtual linux desktop which will contain the tools and compilers required for most CIS courses.

There will be an option on the desktop to mount your U: Drive which is persistent storage and is also accessible in the Windows labs and Virtual machines across campus.


If you need direct access to our linux labs follow the instructions below:

In order to access our linux labs we prefer students use PuTTY and WinSCP, both are free software packages available online.

The Linux machines have the following host names for use in PuTTY and WinSCP:

Use as a last resort then ssh into another machine once logged in if you are having problems connecting from off campus

PuTTY configuration dialog box

When logging in remember to use your linux account and password and not your windows account. These two accounts are seperate entities.

WinSCP Login dialog box (screen 1)

WinSCP Login dialog box (screen 2)