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 Research Interests of Dr. Haiping Xu

My current research interests are in the areas of software engineering, multi-agent systems (MAS) and distributed computing. I have special interest and expertise in model-based agent development and agent-oriented software engineering. Some specific research issues in this area include formal specification and prototyping of multi-agent systems; model-based development of agent-oriented software, including design and implementation of software agents; and real-world applications of agent technology.

I worked on the ADK project (Agent Development Kit), which investigated methods to support analysis of agent design model and automated agent development. A key component of this research project is the application of Petri net theory and algorithms (tools). We have proposed a high-level Petri net model, called agent-oriented G-nets, to support model-based design of software agents, and developed the ADK toolkit to support rapid development of application-specific agents for multi-agent software systems.

In addition, my research interests also extend to the following research areas: intelligent mobile agents, Internet security, agent-based peer-to-peer computing, and ubiquitious computing.