Research Interests of Dr. Ramprasad Balasubramanian

Dr. Balasubramanian's current research foci are in the areas of Visualization of Physical Oceanography and Tracking of Mesoscale Features. Here is a brief description of one project.

Visualization, Detection and Tracking of Mesoscale Oceanic Features in an Ocean Circulation Model. The process of identifying and tracking oceanic eddies over space and time, and their relationship to the net poleward heat transport are of fundamental importance for Climate studies. The visualization of heat flux in the numeric motivates the detection and tracking of mesoscale features to understand their role in poleward heat transport. The numeric model MICOM for the North Atlantic is used. Methods developed to automatically detect, locate and track mesoscale eddies spatially and temporally are studied. Using structuring elements based on velocity information eddy centers are detected and streamline plots used to eliminate false positives. Additional visualization, based on the detected eddy centers provides information about eddies temporally and spatially. Work is also in prgress in using satellite data for detecting these features. Publications and more details can be found in the Vision Research Page. (the page is in progress).