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Schedule for Academic and Work Sessions

School/Work Paths

Although these three paths are typical plans that most students participating in the Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP) follow, individualized study/work plans can alsobe developed. These individualized plans require the pre-approval of the faculty coordinator, the department chairperson, the director of the CEIP, and the associate dean of the College of Engineering.

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  • 2.75 GPA to start work placements
  • 2.75 GPA to remain in the program
  • A minimum of three work placements is required, i.e., the equivalent of twelve months of full-time work
  • No more than five work placements are allowed
  • At least one of the work placements must be a non-summer work term
  • Placements begin after the completion of the coursework required in the calculus-ready sophomore year curriculum of the participating student’s major
  • Two approved internships may substitute for one work placement.
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
  Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring
Fr1 Fr2   So1 So2 Opt Sch Sch Opt S/I S/I Work Sch Sch
Fr1 Fr2   So1 So2 Opt Jr1 Jr2 Opt Work Work Opt Sr1 Sr2
Fr1 Fr2   So1 So2 Opt Jr1 Work Opt Work Jr2 Opt Sr1 Sr2
  Work = Working Semester or Working Summer S/I = School + Internship Opt = Option of Work Sch = School


Fr1 = Freshman 1st Semester Jr1 = Junior 1st Semester
Fr2 = Freshman 2nd Semester Jr2 = Junior 2nd Semester
So1 = Sophomore 1st Semester Sr1 = Senior 1st Semester
So2 = Sophomore 2nd Semester Sr2 = Senior 2nd Semester