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Role of the CEIP Office

Roles & Responsibilities of the
Cooperative Education and Internship Program Office

It is the role of the Coop/Internship Program Office to facilitate the smooth operation of the Cooperative Education and Internship Program in the College of Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. To this end, the staff strives to:

  • Facilitate development of Coop/Internship in Engineering and Computer Science.
  • Ensure fair and equitable treatment of students and employers through the placement process.
  • Assist employers through all aspects of the Cooperative Education and Internship Program process.
  • Prepare Coop/Internship students with appropriate skills and attitudes for their work sessions.
  • Work with employers and students in monitoring and evaluating the students' work sessions.
  • Monitor student placements, ensuring that both employers’ and students’ needs are being met.
  • Assess and evaluate the work session and the student's work session report.
  • Conduct a post-employment interview with students.





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