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COE Dean's List

The Dean and faculty of the College of Engineering congratulate the following undergraduates for attaining the Chancellor's List and the Dean’s List.  These students completed a minimum of 12 graded credit hours and earned a minimum 3.20 GPA for Dean's List recognition or a minimum 3.80 GPA for Chancellor's List designation for a semester.

College of Enigeering Students on the Fall 2013 Chancellor's list

Fall 2013 College of Engineering Dean's List


College of Engineering students on Fall 2013 Chancellor's List

First Name Last Name Major
Nicole Butts Bioengineering
Antonio Cabral Bioengineering
Brenna Callahan Bioengineering
Matthew Grota Bioengineering
Shravani Kakarla Bioengineering
Kelly Kryzak Bioengineering
Danielle McDowell Bioengineering
Megan Merlo Bioengineering
Shalini Paliwal Bioengineering
Jeremiah Shyne Bioengineering
James Thorne Bioengineering
Jacqueline Tran Bioengineering
Johana Uribe Bioengineering
Daniel White Bioengineering
Stephen Borgatti Civil and Environmental Engineering
George Cantin Civil and Environmental Engineering
Harrison David Civil and Environmental Engineering
Patrick Gouveia Civil and Environmental Engineering
Robert Reedy Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nam Hung Vang Civil and Environmental Engineering
Shawn Beaudoin Computer and Information Science
Jessica Couture Computer and Information Science
Joshua Crosman Computer and Information Science
Dylan Davis Computer and Information Science
Andrew Embry Computer and Information Science
Mathew Fleurent Computer and Information Science
Mark Guertin Computer and Information Science
Phillip Igoe Computer and Information Science
Christopher Mello Computer and Information Science
Lindsey Parker Computer and Information Science
Mathew Pilozzi Computer and Information Science
Zachary Sylvia Computer and Information Science
Nicholas VanBeek Computer and Information Science
Dylan Baker Computer Engineering
Andrew Botelho Computer Engineering
Steven Brown Computer Engineering
Christopher Camara Computer Engineering
Robert Davis Computer Engineering
Stephen Diniz Computer Engineering
Rathana Meng Computer Engineering
Richard Muri Computer Engineering
Jean Pierre Computer Engineering
David Prairie Computer Engineering
Andrew Simmons Computer Engineering
Massarrah Tannous Computer Engineering
Joshua Tombs Computer Engineering
Yanhao Zeng Computer Engineering
Henry Acquah Electrical Engineering
Keith Albergaria Electrical Engineering
Matthew Bejtlich Electrical Engineering
Jesse Brady Electrical Engineering
Steven Brown Electrical Engineering
Christopher Camara Electrical Engineering
Ashley Carlson Electrical Engineering
Xhoni Cekrezi Electrical Engineering
George Chatzopoulos Electrical Engineering
Justin Conor Electrical Engineering
Hanna Desilets Electrical Engineering
Stephen Diniz Electrical Engineering
Laura Dion Electrical Engineering
Nelson Fernandes Electrical Engineering
Corey Gibson Electrical Engineering
Ryan Kelley Electrical Engineering
Thomas Leman Electrical Engineering
Joshua Lessard Electrical Engineering
Carlson Magina Electrical Engineering
James Mohler Electrical Engineering
Gbadegesin Ogunwumi Electrical Engineering
Trever Pereira Electrical Engineering
Tyler Pereira Electrical Engineering
Nikholas Peterson Electrical Engineering
Colin Ryan Electrical Engineering
Jacob Silva Electrical Engineering
Andrew Simmons Electrical Engineering
Massarrah Tannous Electrical Engineering
Tyler Turcotte Electrical Engineering
Tobias Young Electrical Engineering
Michael Broadbent Engineering Undeclared
Sean Herlihy Engineering Undeclared
Joseph Lane Engineering Undeclared
Marc Carreira Mechanical Engineering
Robert Chiodi Mechanical Engineering
Drew Cunningham Mechanical Engineering
Meghan Daley Mechanical Engineering
Elias El Tom Mechanical Engineering
Cole Freniere Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Glenn Mechanical Engineering
James Lipsett Mechanical Engineering
Jeffrey Pacheco Mechanical Engineering
Patrick Pateris Mechanical Engineering
Nicole Pelletier Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Quern Mechanical Engineering
Derrick Robinson Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Stuckey Mechanical Engineering
Jason Vaccaro Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Valm Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Zeppenfeld Mechanical Engineering
Jillian Bolinger Physics
Ian Camerlin Physics
Andrew Davey Physics
Tiffany Ferreira Physics
Nevin Miller Physics
Nicholas Moniz Physics
Casey Newell Physics
Jean Pierre Physics
Timothy VanKleef Physics
Emma Vitacco Physics
Matthew Wise Physics


Dean's list from Fall 2013 Semester

First Name Last Name Major
Olivia Auduong Bioengineering
Cole Belanger Bioengineering
Shane Connolly Bioengineering
Eben Crawford Bioengineering
Talia D'Ambruoso Bioengineering
Brian Danehey Bioengineering
Robert Estrella Bioengineering
Noah Franklin Bioengineering
Owen Gilmartin Bioengineering
Kendra Hebert Bioengineering
Zachary Kroll Bioengineering
Cameron Leary Bioengineering
Nathia Lemus Bioengineering
Nicholas Macedo Bioengineering
Joseph Mayer Bioengineering
Patrick McCarthy Bioengineering
Andrew Myrick Bioengineering
Gina Tigano Bioengineering
Zachary Aaronson Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jocelyn Adorno Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mohammad Arja Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gregory Betsold Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nelson Borges Civil and Environmental Engineering
Murtaza Boriyawala Civil and Environmental Engineering
Brendon Botelho Civil and Environmental Engineering
Alex Bulhoes Civil and Environmental Engineering
Matthew Chahine Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hazem Dani Civil and Environmental Engineering
James Donahue Civil and Environmental Engineering
Christopher Griffin Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ryan Henderson Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nicholle Jackson Civil and Environmental Engineering
Samantha Jardin Civil and Environmental Engineering
Justin Kordas Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mathieu LaFond Civil and Environmental Engineering
Alex Lappen Civil and Environmental Engineering
Yahya Maatouk Civil and Environmental Engineering
Katrina Martel Civil and Environmental Engineering
Christopher McEntee Civil and Environmental Engineering
Brian Mingels Civil and Environmental Engineering
Danielle Newcombe Civil and Environmental Engineering
Evan Peterson Civil and Environmental Engineering
My Linh Pham Civil and Environmental Engineering
Casey Snook Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kyle Stanley Civil and Environmental Engineering
Yuran Tavares Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nathaniel Tenreiro Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ashley Thomas Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tara Walsh Civil and Environmental Engineering
Clovis Alves Computer and Information Science
Richard Chapman Computer and Information Science
Savi Chavan Computer and Information Science
Brennan Clark Computer and Information Science
Eric Correia Computer and Information Science
Christopher Crogan Computer and Information Science
Kevin Curley Computer and Information Science
Richard de Groof Computer and Information Science
Allina Dolor Computer and Information Science
Devin Dustman Computer and Information Science
Ronald Gajdos Computer and Information Science
Brendan Gaulin Computer and Information Science
Elijah Gonsalves Computer and Information Science
Bradley Gonthier Computer and Information Science
Kyle Kidd Computer and Information Science
Joshua Killion Computer and Information Science
Jonathan Lancey Computer and Information Science
Justin Leung Computer and Information Science
Ross Mathieu Computer and Information Science
Hannah Millea Computer and Information Science
Chounly Morl Computer and Information Science
Joshua Mullaney Computer and Information Science
Ryan Nadeau Computer and Information Science
Caitlyn O'Shaughnessy Computer and Information Science
Kevin Palmer Computer and Information Science
Chany Peguero Computer and Information Science
Zachary Pink Computer and Information Science
Brian Ponte Computer and Information Science
Youssef Rizk Computer and Information Science
James Robinson Computer and Information Science
Mackenzie Rogers Computer and Information Science
Daniel Smith Computer and Information Science
Andrew Strelke Computer and Information Science
Jacob Strojny Computer and Information Science
MacKinley Trudeau Computer and Information Science
Austin Walker Computer and Information Science
Tyrone Williams Jr Computer and Information Science
Jade Worthington Computer and Information Science
Lucas Yosimura Computer and Information Science
Luis Andino Computer Engineering
Andrew Bednarz Computer Engineering
Keith Blanchard Computer Engineering
Alex Brown Computer Engineering
Tamunonengiyeofori Charles-Ogan Computer Engineering
Robert Cornish Computer Engineering
Andrew Corsini Computer Engineering
Terry Dang Computer Engineering
Gwendolyn Davis Computer Engineering
Brian Etienne Computer Engineering
Matthew Furtado Computer Engineering
Daniel Garcia Computer Engineering
Alexander Grube Computer Engineering
Maxwell Jacob Computer Engineering
Cory Klokman Computer Engineering
Jeffrey Magina Computer Engineering
Andrew Mele Computer Engineering
Ryan Overko Computer Engineering
Christopher Parks Computer Engineering
Neuza Pedro Computer Engineering
Edina Pires Computer Engineering
Edward Purtell Computer Engineering
Sean Reid Computer Engineering
Miles Wilhelms-Tricarico Computer Engineering
Ting Lin EGR-CP
Yuriy Sokayev EGR-CP
Luis Andino Electrical Engineering
Abner Barros Electrical Engineering
Radienxe Bautista Electrical Engineering
Jared Bigos Electrical Engineering
Seth Blackburn Electrical Engineering
Benjamin Blakemore Electrical Engineering
Keith Blanchard Electrical Engineering
Kevin Campbell Electrical Engineering
Kari Cannon Electrical Engineering
William Cardello Electrical Engineering
Jason Cesar Electrical Engineering
Tamunoala Charles-Ogan Electrical Engineering
Chengyang Chen Electrical Engineering
Stacy Correia Electrical Engineering
Kainoa Culverhouse Electrical Engineering
John Cyr Electrical Engineering
Jonathan Da Silva Electrical Engineering
Andy Dang Electrical Engineering
Gwendolyn Davis Electrical Engineering
Emily De Boer Electrical Engineering
Catherine Duncan Electrical Engineering
Andrew Eatman Electrical Engineering
Mackenzie Fairbanks Electrical Engineering
Christopher Falcao Electrical Engineering
Gustin Froias Electrical Engineering
Daniel Frois Electrical Engineering
Matthew Furtado Electrical Engineering
Marcus Gibson Electrical Engineering
Michael Gilliland Electrical Engineering
Quinn Gonsalves Electrical Engineering
Joseph Helger Electrical Engineering
James Laferriere Electrical Engineering
Joshua Leite Electrical Engineering
Anthony Montano Electrical Engineering
Nathan Murphy Electrical Engineering
Robert Mushrall III Electrical Engineering
Ryan Overko Electrical Engineering
Alexis Pena Electrical Engineering
Erickson Ramos Electrical Engineering
Michael Rodriguez Electrical Engineering
William Ryan Electrical Engineering
Murilo Silva Electrical Engineering
Dery Teixeira Electrical Engineering
Autilio Vicente Electrical Engineering
Nicholas Vincelette Electrical Engineering
Tyler Wade Electrical Engineering
Joseph Wood Electrical Engineering
Rache Yaeger Electrical Engineering
John Aust Engineering Undeclared
Sarah Berry Engineering Undeclared
Mason Boyd Engineering Undeclared
Michael Bradley Engineering Undeclared
Evan Eldridge Engineering Undeclared
Daniel Haines Engineering Undeclared
Wyatt Harunk Engineering Undeclared
Edward Insogna Engineering Undeclared
Nathan Kane Engineering Undeclared
Timothy Meyer Engineering Undeclared
Lynden Mills Engineering Undeclared
Andrew Oglesby Engineering Undeclared
Giulio Pellegrini Engineering Undeclared
Keith Rachels Engineering Undeclared
Scott Tupper Engineering Undeclared
Jacob Andrews Mechanical Engineering
Tony Azeredo Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Bach Mechanical Engineering
Essien Benjamin Mechanical Engineering
Steven Boileau Mechanical Engineering
Lucas Bomback Mechanical Engineering
Samuel Borgueta Mechanical Engineering
John Bui Mechanical Engineering
Mathew Callahan Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Callahan Mechanical Engineering
Timothy Camilleri Mechanical Engineering
Quifoor Chi Mechanical Engineering
Kyu Chul Choi Mechanical Engineering
Cameron Christo Mechanical Engineering
Brian Crowell Mechanical Engineering
Michael Danso Mechanical Engineering
Jonas DeCastro Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Eaton Mechanical Engineering
Brendan Egan Mechanical Engineering
Mark Ellis Mechanical Engineering
Diarny Fernandes Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Festa Mechanical Engineering
Karoly Fodor Mechanical Engineering
Michael Foshey Mechanical Engineering
Jordan Frey Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Gemme Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Godfrey Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Goncalves Mechanical Engineering
Anthony Gonzalez Mechanical Engineering
John Grenier Mechanical Engineering
James Hansson Mechanical Engineering
Lindsey Harding Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Jaskolka Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Kotce Mechanical Engineering
Timothy Kramer Mechanical Engineering
Oscar Lainez Mechanical Engineering
Raymond Lawton Mechanical Engineering
Michael MacRae Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Masterson Mechanical Engineering
Angela Murray Mechanical Engineering
Vasker Neupane Mechanical Engineering
Derrik Nurse Mechanical Engineering
Austin O'Connell Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Rapoza Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Rich Mechanical Engineering
Dustin Roderigues Mechanical Engineering
Audy Sanchez Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Sullivan Mechanical Engineering
Nils Swenson Mechanical Engineering
Zachary Switaj Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin Thayer Mechanical Engineering
Limar Wies Mechanical Engineering
Archibald Williams Mechanical Engineering
Ziad Younis Mechanical Engineering
Kelsey Buggelli Physics
Brian Danehey Physics
Courtney DeMilio Physics
Trevor Demille Physics
William Duff Jr. Physics
Kevin Giardini Physics
Michael Jacome Physics
Nash Lochner Physics
Edward McClain Physics
Eric McCue Physics
Kiersten Nunes Physics
Kyle O'Connor Physics
Sarah Pierce Physics
Allen Snyder Physics
Terrence Thomas Physics
Devin Viegas Physics





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