College of Engineering Chancellor's List & Dean's List

The Dean and faculty of the College of Engineering congratulate the following undergraduates for attaining a spot on the Chancellor's List or the Dean's List. These students completed a minimum of 12 graded credit hours and earned a minimum 3.20 GPA for Dean's List recognition or a minimum 3.80 GPA for Chancellor's List designation for the semester.

Fall 2015 Chancellor's List 

First Name Last Name Plan
Syed Ali Physics
Dylan Baker Computer Engineering
Abner Barros Electrical Engineering
Alec Bonnell Computer Science
Elizabeth Broadbent Computer Science
Courtney Burns Civil Engineering
David Callahan Computer Science
Brenna Callahan Bioengineering
Christopher Camara Computer Engineering
Christopher Camara Electrical Engineering
Donald Caouette Computer Science
Jason Cesar Electrical Engineering
Mackenzie Chabot Computer Science
Waleed Chakir Mechanical Engineering
Tamunonengiyeofori Charles-Ogan Bioengineering
JingYue Chen Electrical Engineering
Joseph Collins Computer Engineering
Justin Conor Electrical Engineering
Jared Correia Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Costello Computer Engineering
Marc DaCosta Computer Science
Tuvshintu Dandarvanchig Computer Science
Robert Davis Computer Engineering
David DeMeritt Bioengineering
Laura Dion Electrical Engineering
Matthew Eires Electrical Engineering
Elvira Lou Evangelista Bioengineering
Rebecca Field Computer Engineering
Samuel Filliettaz-Domingues Mechanical Engineering
Mathew Fleurent Computer Science
Jawanza Foster Electrical Engineering
Noah Franklin Bioengineering
Ronald Gajdos Computer Science
Garrett Garofalo Bioengineering
Niamke Giraud Computer Science
Alexander Glenn Mechanical Engineering
Clayton Golz Electrical Engineering
Nicolas Gomez-Cruz Physics
Jacob Howe Electrical Engineering
Huu Duc Huynh Computer Science
Phillip Igoe Computer Science
Yoshihiko Ikegami Mechanical Engineering
Antonio Irons Civil Engineering
Taylor Johansen Civil Engineering
Connor Kenyon Physics
Zachary Kroll Bioengineering
Wafaa Laalaoui Bioengineering
Thomas Leman Electrical Engineering
Zachary Lemieux Physics
Nash Lochner Physics
Catrina Longo Civil Engineering
Christian Louis Civil Engineering
Kayla Loycano Bioengineering
Kevin MacAllister Computer Science
Brett Marcinkiewicz Computer Science
David Markt Mechanical Engineering
Haley Matthews Bioengineering
Riordan McCole Computer Engineering
Allison McGlynn Mechanical Engineering
Patrick McGrail Computer Science
Patrick McNeil Bioengineering
Christopher Mello Computer Science
Megan Merlo Bioengineering
Kelly Merlo Mechanical Engineering
Robert Mushrall III Computer Engineering
Thuong Nguyen Physics
Jacob O'Donnell Mechanical Engineering
Jeffrey Pacheco Mechanical Engineering
Shalini Paliwal Bioengineering
Jeffrey Paquette Computer Science
Sydney Patten Bioengineering
Mathew Pilozzi Computer Science
Allison Poh Computer Science
Ryan Quern Mechanical Engineering
Prateek Rana Bioengineering
James Robinson Computer Science
Samantha Rollings Mechanical Engineering
Garret Sampel Mechanical Engineering
Megan Scribner Engineering Undecided
Rachel Servis Bioengineering
Heather Shanks Civil Engineering
Kathryn Sherlock Bioengineering
Jeremiah Shyne Bioengineering
Jacob Silva Electrical Engineering
Maxim Sokolov Computer Science
Brian Sullivan Computer Science
Sierra Summers Bioengineering
Peter Takahashi Computer Science
Alvin Thamrin Computer Science
Izak Thuestad Physics
Matthew Tidwell Electrical Engineering
Joshua Tombs Computer Engineering
Brian Towne Computer Science
Tyler Turcotte Electrical Engineering
Jason Vaccaro Mechanical Engineering
Daniel White Computer Science
Aaram Williams Engineering Undecided
Alec Wilson Civil Engineering
Matthew Wise Physics
Shuti Wu Computer Engineering
Jingya Xu Computer Engineering
Yanhao Zeng Computer Engineering
Andrew Zibuda Computer Science



Fall 2015 Dean's List

First Name Last Name Plan
Jacob Aaronson Bioengineering
Henry Acquah Computer Engineering
Henry Acquah Electrical Engineering
Victor Adaji Mechanical Engineering
Juliette Albo Computer Science
Andrew Allain Civil Engineering
Kasey Allard Computer Science
Ryan Allen Computer Science
Abdulrahman Alshehri Computer Science
Sasha Alves Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Andrade Electrical Engineering
Connor Anisko Bioengineering
Bryce Antone Mechanical Engineering
Jorge Araujo Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Areias Computer Science
Kareem Abu Arja Mechanical Engineering
Leonardo Asseph Computer Engineering
Maraquia Atwood Bioengineering
Patrick Aucoin Mechanical Engineering
John Aust Electrical Engineering
David Austin Computer Engineering
Helder Avelino Electrical Engineering
Christian Barboza Computer Science
Samuel Barnett Engineering Pathways
Garrett Barry Civil Engineering
Battsooj Bayarsaikhan Electrical Engineering
Ramzi Bechara Bioengineering
Jason Bechtold Computer Science
Christopher Beck Mechanical Engineering
Travis Beckwith Computer Science
Nicholas Beckwith Electrical Engineering
Richard Bellizzi Mechanical Engineering
Essien Benjamin Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Bessette Electrical Engineering
Gregory Betsold Civil Engineering
Jordon Borges Electrical Engineering
Samuel Borgueta Mechanical Engineering
William Boyden Data Science
Michael Bradley Bioengineering
Jesse Brady Electrical Engineering
Luc-Anthony Breneville Bioengineering
Michael Broadbent Computer Science
John Bui Mechanical Engineering
Adam Burdzel Mechanical Engineering
Nicole Butts Bioengineering
Matthew Cabral Electrical Engineering
Evan Campbell Bioengineering
Kari Cannon Electrical Engineering
Marc Carreira Mechanical Engineering
Richard Carreiro Electrical Engineering
Cory Carvalho Computer Science
Nicholas Caswell Computer Engineering
Jordan Cecil Bioengineering
Brandon Charles Computer Science
Savi Chavan Computer Science
Tyler Chellis Mechanical Engineering
Sing Yang Cheng Computer Science
Michael Chhim Computer Science
Quifoor Chi Mechanical Engineering
Kary Church Bioengineering
Brennan Clark Computer Science
Richard Collette Mechanical Engineering
Marissa Collins Computer Science
Shane Connolly Bioengineering
Travis Connolly Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Corcoran Computer Science
Robert Couto Bioengineering
John Crowell III Bioengineering
Terrence Crowley Computer Science
Drew Cunningham Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Curtis Electrical Engineering
Talia D'Ambruoso Bioengineering
Jonathan Da Silva Electrical Engineering
Charles Dake Physics
Terry Dang Computer Engineering
Andy Dang Electrical Engineering
Justin DaRosa Mechanical Engineering
Emily De Boer Computer Engineering
Jonas DeCastro Mechanical Engineering
Giovanni Del Duca Engineering Pathways
Treg Dembitzki Electrical Engineering
Hanna Desilets Electrical Engineering
Nicholas Desmarais Mechanical Engineering
Amari Dias Computer Science
Raymond Dinsmore Computer Science
Joshua Dix Physics
Allina Dolor Computer Science
Daniel Dominguez Mechanical Engineering
Evan Dowling Computer Science
Rachelle Edouarzin Civil Engineering
Tianna Edwards Bioengineering
Elias El Tom Mechanical Engineering
Christian Ellis Computer Engineering
Justin Embree Physics
Robert Estrella Bioengineering
Kobina Faibille Civil Engineering
Mackenzie Fairbanks Electrical Engineering
David Ferranti Civil Engineering
Rachel Ferreira Bioengineering
Brandon Ferreira Computer Science
Luke Ferreira Computer Science
Andrew Ferro Physics
Matthew Festa Mechanical Engineering
Kenneth Figuerado Computer Science
Daniel Fitzpatrick Engineering Undecided
Cody Flynn Civil Engineering
Benjamin Foley Civil Engineering
Cory Fonger Computer Science
Adam Fontana Computer Science
Nolan Fraine Mechanical Engineering
Cole Freniere Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Frois Electrical Engineering
Richard Garabedian Engineering Undecided
Daniel Garcia Computer Engineering
Dominic Gastaldo Physics
Jonathan Gendron Civil Engineering
Seth Giard Physics
David Gilleran Mechanical Engineering
Michael Gilliland Computer Science
Jamir Gilmore-Junior Engineering Pathways
Joshua Gittings Civil Engineering
Kyle Golden Mechanical Engineering
Sophia Gomes Computer Science
Johnniel Gomez Civil Engineering
Raymond Goncalves Electrical Engineering
Keven Goncalves Electrical Engineering
Lentini Goncalves Tavares Civil Engineering
Andrew Gonsalves Computer Science
Quinn Gonsalves Electrical Engineering
Bradley Gonthier Computer Science
Tyler Gosson Mechanical Engineering
Jack Graver Mechanical Engineering
Wilton Gray IV Civil Engineering
Alexander Grube Computer Engineering
Benjamin Guan-Kennedy Computer Science
Mark Guertin Computer Science
Nathaniel Gula Electrical Engineering
George Haddad Computer Engineering
George Haddad Electrical Engineering
Brandon Haghighi Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Halliwell Bioengineering
Kyle Hardy Electrical Engineering
Kirsten Harnden Bioengineering
Joseph Hazel Computer Engineering
Joseph Hazel Electrical Engineering
Kendra Hebert Bioengineering
Cory Hoi Mechanical Engineering
Gerald Hoxha Computer Science
Felicia Imbriano Computer Science
Vincent Intinarelli Electrical Engineering
Vanessa Jahara Bioengineering
Tanya Jain Bioengineering
Jacob Jaskolka Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Jesus Computer Science
Kyle Jewers Electrical Engineering
Nicole Johnson Computer Science
Ryan Johnson Electrical Engineering
Taylor Joubert Civil Engineering
James Julian Bioengineering
Jacob Kahn Computer Science
Sergey Kasyanov Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Kenyon Electrical Engineering
Ashukang Kima-Tabong Bioengineering
Timothy Kramer Mechanical Engineering
Kelly Kryzak Bioengineering
Nicholas LaMarche Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Lancey Computer Science
Ethan Lattinville Mechanical Engineering
Robert Leeper Physics
Robert Lin Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Lodi Computer Science
Lucas Machado Computer Science
Tristan Machado Mechanical Engineering
Kayla MacMillan Computer Engineering
Ryan Magano Computer Science
Aaron Mak Mechanical Engineering
Bhargav Makkapati Computer Science
Tyler Mandeville Civil Engineering
Sean Martin Engineering Pathways
Tia Martineau Physics
Eric McCue Physics
Nathan McGarvey Computer Science
Liam McIntyre Computer Science
Geoffrey McNally Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Mele Computer Engineering
Andrew Mele Electrical Engineering
Jacob Meloche Computer Science
Cody Middleton Computer Science
Hannah Millea Computer Science
Brian Mingels Mechanical Engineering
Charles Montes Computer Engineering
Cameron Moran Computer Science
Travis Morazzini Electrical Engineering
Carl Morlock Engineering Undecided
Robert Moss Civil Engineering
Weldon Mui Electrical Engineering
Richard Muri Computer Engineering
Thomas Napert Mechanical Engineering
Erika Naumann Gaillat Bioengineering
Alexis Nelson Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Nery Computer Science
Gustavo Netto Civil Engineering
Anthony Ng Mechanical Engineering
Naoto Nicol Computer Science
Kiersten Nunes Physics
Austin Nykiel Bioengineering
Andrew Oglesby Mechanical Engineering
Gbadegesin Ogunwumi Computer Engineering
Gbadegesin Ogunwumi Electrical Engineering
David Okide Mechanical Engineering
Michael Oldford Computer Science
Robert Oliver III Mechanical Engineering
Sun Ho Park Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Parks Computer Engineering
Patrick Pasteris Mechanical Engineering
Luke Pastore Physics
Amy Patel Bioengineering
Marmik Patel Civil Engineering
Nicholas Pavao Computer Science
Victor Pavlik Computer Science
Jaimie Payne Mechanical Engineering
Tyler Pereira Electrical Engineering
Brittany Perkins Mechanical Engineering
Lee Peros Mechanical Engineering
Alec Perrone Mechanical Engineering
Cameron Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Phou Bioengineering
Nathan Pietruszka Engineering Undecided
Eric Pires Computer Engineering
Patricia Pires Dias Computer Science
Richard Pooler Mechanical Engineering
Amanda Prescott Physics
Alejandro Prunier Mechanical Engineering
Keith Rachels Mechanical Engineering
Erickson Ramos Electrical Engineering
Katelyn Remy Mechanical Engineering
John Reynolds Computer Science
Dean Robert Bioengineering
Brandon Roderick Civil Engineering
Jimmy Rodriguez Computer Engineering
Thomas Rogers Engineering Pathways
Benjamin Rounseville Civil Engineering
Colby Rowean Computer Science
Dominic Roy Computer Science
Abraham Sabeh Computer Engineering
Scott Santiago Bioengineering
Brian Sardinha Computer Science
Isaac Saron Mechanical Engineering
Anneliese Schmidt Civil Engineering
Frederick Schobel Civil Engineering
John Seddon Mechanical Engineering
Connor Seeley Engineering Undecided
Yegor Shea Computer Engineering
Riley Sherman Mechanical Engineering
Nicolas Skirkey Computer Science
Justin Slater Computer Science
Gregory Smith Bioengineering
Henry Smith Civil Engineering
Vanessa Soares Computer Science
Matthew Soule Engineering Undecided
Christopher Souza Computer Engineering
Christian Spencer Computer Science
Michael St. Pierre Electrical Engineering
Kyle Stanley Civil Engineering
Andrew Strelke Computer Science
Jacob Strojny Computer Science
Kaleb Stupalski Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Sylvia Electrical Engineering
Albert Szczepanek Engineering Pathways
Joshua Tavares Computer Science
Austin Taylor Bioengineering
Gilson Teixeira Computer Engineering
Dery Teixeira Electrical Engineering
Cherian Thomas Computer Science
Terrence Thomas Physics
James Thorne Bioengineering
Benjamin Thurber Electrical Engineering
Gina Tigano Bioengineering
Nathan Valm Computer Science
Nicholas Valm Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Van Beek Computer Science
Louis Varrichione Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Vicino Mechanical Engineering
Devin Viegas Physics
Tyler Wade Electrical Engineering
Brendon Walker Computer Science
Jeffrey Walsh Computer Science
Christopher Way Engineering Pathways
Carl Weber Computer Science
Adam Westgate Computer Science
Luke Wetmore Electrical Engineering
Patrick White Bioengineering
Limar Wies Mechanical Engineering
Moriah Wiggins Bioengineering
Ashley Wilbur Computer Science
Miles Wilhelms-Tricarico Computer Engineering
Tyrone Williams Jr Computer Science
Roman Wordell Mechanical Engineering
Robert Yule Civil Engineering
Philip Zictkowski Computer Science
Alexis Zindle Mechanical Engineering