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Room ATMC-123A

Electro-Acoustics Research Laboratory (ARL) at the ATMC


David A. Brown, Professor


The Electro-Acoustics Research Laboratory (ARL) is an industry and grant sponsored research and development in the area of electro-acoustics, electro-mechanics, sonar, and applied mechanics offering research and intern opportunities for undergraduate and graduate study.


  • (1) Hewlett-Packard HP4194 Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer (ATMC Property)
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard HP34401A Multimeter
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard HP35665 Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard 33120 Function Generator
  • (1) Wavetek 132 Function Generator
  • (1) Buehler Isomet Precision Saw (ATMC Property)
  • (1) SR560 Low-Noise Preamplifier
  • (1) B&K 4808 Shaker Table (on loan for NAVY)
  • (1) APS Shaker Table (ATMC Property)
  • (1) Tektronix TDS 420 Digital Oscilloscope
  • (1) IPA 300T Power Amplifier
  • (1) Blue M Curing Oven
  • (1) Edwards Vacuum Pumps
  • (1) Newport 850B Actuators (ATMC Property)
  • (1) SRS510 Lock-In Amplifier (ATMC Property)
  • (1) Tascam Model DA78HR Digital Tape Recorder (Prof. Buck's SMaST Lab)