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Room II-222

Studio Laboratory


Dayalan Kasilingam, Professor and Chairperson


43' X 31.5'


This Studio Laboratory is primarily used for Electrical and Computer Engineering courses that require expertise using the associated software for homework assignments and projects. The computers are networked to a printer and to a server that hosts the latest versions of widely used software packages such as MATLAB, MultiSim, ADS and Microsoft Office. All scheduling for this room is handled by the ECE Department. The computers are state-of-the-art having been upgraded to faster CPUs and 17" LCD monitors during the Summer of 2011.


  • ECE 160/161 - Foundations of Computer Engineering I/II
  • ECE 201 - Circuit Theory I, ECE 311 - Digital Electronics
  • ECE 321/322 - Continuous-/Discrete-Time Linear Systems
  • ECE 466 - Database Programming
  • ECE 160/161 - Foundations of Computer Engineering I/II
  • ECE 201/202 - Circuit Theory I/II
  • ECE 263 - Embedded System Design
  • ECE 311 - Digital Electronics
  • ECE 460 - Computer Systems Performance Evaluation





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