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Room Violette-101B

Speech Processing Laboratory


Karen L. Payton, Professor


11' X 17' not including the (8' X 9') Test Chamber


This laboratory is used to support undergraduate and graduate courses in Digital Speech Processing (when offered) and for research.

The research work conducted in this laboratory supports a Ph.D. student and consists of investigations related to speech intelligibility, particularly by hearing-impaired listeners. This work can be divided into three distinct areas.


  • ECE 477 - Digital Processing of Speech Signals (when offered)
  • ECE 601 - Master's Graduate Thesis
  • ECE 646 - Digital Speech Processing (when offered)
  • ECE 701 - Doctoral Dissertation Research


  • (1) Computer (667 MHz Pentium III, 256M RAM, 20GB HD, 15" Monitor)
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4L Laser Printer
  • (1) IAC single-walled Sound-Attenuating Chamber
  • (1) Tektronix 2235 100 MHz Oscilloscope
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard 3310 Function Generator
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard 3478A Multimeter
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard 5328A Frequency Counter