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The post of department chair for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department did not come into existence until 1965.

Lenine Gonsalves
1965-1968 • Lenine Gonsalves
Hans van den Biggelaar
1969 • Hans van den Biggelaar
Daniel Murphy
1970-1974 • Daniel Murphy
Paul Caron
1974-1977 • Paul Caron
Lenine Gonsalves
1977-1978 • Lenine Gonsalves
C. H. Chen
1978-1982 • C. H. Chen
Daniel Murphy
1982-1988 • Daniel Murphy
Thomas Curry
1988-1991 • Thomas Curry
Lee Estes
1991-1993 • Lee Estes
Steven Nardone
1993-1994 • Steven Nardone
Lee Estes
1994-1995 • Lee Estes
Robert Cavelry
1995-1996 • Robert Cavelry
Gilbert Fain
1997-1998 • Gilbert Fain
Steven Nardone
1998-2000 • Steven Nardone
Nick Pendergrass
2000-2002 • Nick Pendergrass
Antonio Costa
2002-2005 • Antonio Costa
Dayalan Kasilingam
2005-2014 • Dayalan Kasilingam
Antonio Costa
2014-Present • Antonio Costa

The division of Electrical Engineering Technology had the same chairperson as the the Electrical Engineering department until the year 1988. After that, until EET admissions were suspended in 1997, there were two chairpersons.

Lenine Gonsalves
1988-1991 • Lenine Gonsalves
Robert C. Helgeland
1991-1997 • Robert C. Helgeland





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