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Graduate Directors

The post of graduate program director for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department did not come into existence until 1981.

C. H. Chen
1981-1983 • C. H. Chen
Thomas Curry
1983-1986 • Thomas Curry
Nick Pendergrass
1987-1990 • Nick Pendergrass
Paul Caron
1990-1994 • Paul Caron
Robert Cavelry
1994-1995 • Robert Cavelry
Karen Payton
1995-1997 • Karen Payton
Dean Schmidlin
1997-1998 • Dean Schmidlin
Karen Payton
1998-2001 • Karen Payton
Paul Fortier
2001-2003 • Paul Fortier
Dayalan Kasilingam
2003-2005 • Dayalan Kasilingam
David Rancour
2005-2008 • David Rancour
Karen Payton
2008-present • Karen Payton