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Financing a graduate education

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has several financial programs to assist you with the cost of graduate studies. A limited number of research and teaching assistantships are available each year. These are awarded based on academic merit and are very competitive. All teaching assistantships (TAs) are recommended by the department and college and are awarded through the Office of Academic Affairs (508-999-8024). Most research assistantships (RAs) are awarded by a faculty sponsor. If you receive either of these assistantships, contact the ECE Department secretary as soon as you arrive on campus to sign the necessary paperwork to initiate payments. If you receive an RA, contact your faculty sponsor to learn the scope of your assistantship. Continuation of assistantships will be determined by the department or your faculty sponsor and the college. Assistantship renewal is contingent upon maintenance of an acceptable grade record and satisfactory progress toward the degree. Performance in the assistantship and availability of funds are also criteria for continuation. Master's degree candidates are usually limited to two years of departmental support.

All UMass Dartmouth graduate assistantships asking a commitment of 10 hours or more work per week are accompanied by a full waiver of tuition, whether it be at the in-state or out-of-state rates. Fees are not waived; however, the curriculum support fee is charged at the lower, in-state, rate for all half-time to full-time assistants.

A full-time graduate assistant is expected to work 20 hours per week for the assistantship.

Some fellowships, scholarships and loans are available from government and private institutions, often for special purposes such as supporting research. The university library reference room has books describing these resources. You can also check with the university's Office of Grants and Contracts.

More information on financial aid

Appeal Procedure

All appeals of procedure and policies must be made in writing with supporting documentation to the EE Graduate Program Director. The Director either acts on the appeal or directs it to the Graduate Committee, whichever is most appropriate. All students seeking an appeal must have a faculty advocate, a faculty member who is willing to support the student's appeal. Normally this would be the major advisor. All appeals are to be prepared in consultation with the faculty advocate. Appeals without the support of a faculty advocate will not be considered.





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