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List of Doctoral Dissertations


Ma, Ruiping
Survivability Design and Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks
Advisor: Dr. Luidong Xing

Sarangapani, Sairajan
Investigation of Electromechanical Properties of Stripe-Electroded Tangentially Polarized Bars and Cylinders
Co-Advisors: Dr. David A. Brown, Dr. Boris S. Aronov


Bachand, Corey L.
Electroacoustic Transducer and Transmit System Modeling for Performance Prediction
Co-Advisors: Dr. Boris S. Aronov, Dr. David A. Brown, Dr. Igal Bilik

Boddu, Prashanthi
Reliability Optimization of Complex Series-Parallel Systems with K-out-of-n: G Subsystem Redundancy
Advisor: Dr. Liudong Xing

Dastgheib-Beheshti, Babak
Development of a Full Experimental Framework for the Technical Reference Model of Wireless Sensor Networks
Advisor: Dr. Howard E. Michel

Jarvis, Susan
A Novel Method for Multi-Class Classification Using Support Vector Machines
Advisor: Dr. Howard E. Michel

Tannous, Ola
Combinatorial Reliability Evaluation and Optimization for Dynamic Standby Systems
Advisor: Dr. Liudong Xing

Tsalolikhin, Evgeny
Mobile Localization Using the Adaptive Channel Modeling in AOA-TOA Domain
Advisor: Dr. Igal Bilik


Shen, Bichaun
Modeling and Learning for Fish Identification and Vehicle and Pattern Detection
Co-Advisors: Dr. Liudong Xing, Dr. Chi Hau Chen


Shrestha, Akhilesh
Dependability Modeling and Analysis of Mission Critical Systems
Advisor: Dr. Liudong Xing


Ho, Pei-Gee (Peter) 
Multivariate Time Series Model Based Support Vector Machine for Multiclass Remote Sensing Image Classification and Region Segmentation 
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen


Chen, Honglei 
Auto Regressive Aperture Extrapolation for Adaptive Array Processing 
Advisor: Dr. Dayalan P. Kasilingam

Wang, Zhenhai 
Factor Analysis for Seismic Profiling and Adaptive Blind Source Separation for Bandlimited Speech 
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen

Zhang, Jiaming 
Region of Interest Segmentation and Video Coding in Dynamic Video Backgroundsh 
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen 


Oishi, Tetsuro 
Underwater directional Transducers and Arrays Using Baffled Piezoelectric Cylindrical Shells 
Co-Advisors: Dr. David A. Brown, Dr. Boris Aronov

Roobeen, Steven A. 
Component Sum Interval Analysis: Training Artificial Neurons and Neural Networks 
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen  


Tao, Xiaoli 
Multi-Class Classification of Remote Sensing Data with Improved Artificial Neural Networks 
Advisor: Dr. Howard Michel

Wang, Dajun 
Mining T-Outliers in High Dimensional Time Series Financial Data 
Advisor: Dr. Paul Fortier

Wang, Xianju 
Study of a Novel Theory in ICA Image Restoratin and Enhancement, with Special Reference to Ultrasonic NDE Images and SAR Images 
Advisor: C.H. Chen

Yu, Qin 
Denial-of-Service Countermeasure With Immunization and Regulation 
Advisor: Dr. Hong Liu  


Djordjevic, Miroslav 
Numerical Methods for Electromagnetic Modeling of Vehicles over a Wide Range of Frequencies 
Advisor: Dr. Branislav M. Notaros


Blackmon, Fletcher 
Linear and Non-Linear Opto-Acoustic Underwater Communications 
Advisor: Dr. Lee E. Estes & Dr. Gilbert Fain

Ilic, Milan 
Higher Order Hexahedral Finite Elements for Electromagnetic Modeling 
Advisor: Dr. Branislav M. Notaros 


Hong, Baoming 
Integrated Automatic Face Recognition Based on Multiresolution Transform and Multiscale Local Feature Representations 
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen

Wang, Junfeng 
Techniques for Compensating Unknown Motion Effects in SAR/ISAR Imaging 
Advisor: Dr. Dayalan Kasilingam 


Qidwai, Uvais Ahmad 
2-D Blind Deconvolution for Image Restoration with Applications to Ultrasonic NDE 
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen

Zhang, Xiaohui 
Independent Component Analysis for Remote Sensing Image Processing and Pattern Recognition 
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen  


Guo, Qiushuang 
Propagation of Acoustic Waves in Bars and Determination Of Dynamic Acoustic Constants 
Advisor: Dr. David A. Brown

Mukhin, Denis 
Framework for Association Rules Mining 
Advisor: Dr. Paul Fortier  


Cheng, Tzu-Hung 
Wavelet-Based Image/Video Compression 
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen  


McCarrick, Charles David 
An Analytical Model for Pyramidal Horn Antennas with Ridges 
Advisor: Dr. Dayalan Kasilingam


Lee, Gwo Giun 
On Multiresolution Wavelet Analysis Using Gaussian Markov Random Field 
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen





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