Computer Engineering - Specific Requirements

The following four (4) courses are required of all Computer Engineering MS students: A graduate math course that can be satisfied with one of the following math courses: CIS 560, EAS 501, ECE 544, MNE 539, MTH 501, MTH 505, MTH 521, MTH 550, MTH 573, MTH 574 or another course approved by the student’s advisor; Computer Systems Performance Evaluation (ECE 560), Advanced Computer Architecture (ECE 562) and Computer Operating Systems (ECE 565).

Two (2) depth courses must be taken, defined by the student’s advisor, in one of the following specialization areas:

    1. Computer Systems Specification, Analysis, Design, and Performance Assessment
    2. Database Systems
    3. Distributed and Parallel Systems
    4. Microprocessors
    5. Networking
    6. Fault-Tolerant Computing

A breadth course must be taken, defined by the student’s advisor, outside the student’s specialization area.

Note: Students are required to satisfy prerequisite requirements for all graduate courses taken. In particular, Computer Systems (ECE 561) is a prerequisite for ECE 562. For students pursuing the MS in Computer Engineering, ECE 561 will count toward the six-credit limit on 400-level courses.