Electrical Engineering - Specific Requirements

Two (2) courses are required of all Electrical Engineering MS students: Random Signals and Systems (ECE 521) and a graduate Math course which can be satisfied by EAS 501 (prerequisite for ECE 521), a 500-level math course or another course approved by the student’s advisor. In addition, two (2) of the following courses are required:

    1. Solid State Electronics (ECE 524)
    2. Electromagnetics (ECE 540)
    3. Fundamentals of Acoustics (ECE 557)
    4. Computer Systems (ECE 561)
    5. Discrete-Time Signal Processing (ECE 574)

Two (2) depth courses must be taken, defined by the student’s advisor, in one of the following specialization areas:

    1. Acoustics and Signal Processing
    2. Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks
    3. Devices and Applied Electromagnetics

A breadth course must be taken, defined by the student’s advisor, outside the student’s specialization area.