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 Electrical Engineering - Specific Requirements

Two (2) courses are required of all Electrical Engineering MS students: Random Signals and Systems (ECE 521) and a graduate Math course which can be satisfied by EAS 501 (prerequisite for ECE 521), ECE 505 (Numerical Analysis), a 500-level math course or another course approved by the student’s advisor. In addition, two (2) of the following courses are required:

    1. Solid State Electronics (ECE 524)
    2. Applied Electromagnetics (ECE 540)
    3. Fundamentals of Acoustics (ECE 557)
    4. Computer Systems (ECE 561)
    5. Digital Signal Processing (ECE 574)

Two (2) depth courses must be taken, defined by the student’s advisor in one of the following specialization areas:

    1. Acoustics and Signal Processing
    2. Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks
    3. Devices and Applied Electromagnetics

A breadth course must be taken, defined by the student’s advisor, outside the student’s specialization area.