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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

There are three program tracks to choose from: A thesis track, a project track, and an all-course track. Each candidate for the Master of Science Degree must obtain a minimum of 30 graduate credits with the following constraints:

  1. maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0 out of a 4.0 grading scale in all courses,
  2. obtain no more than two course grades below B-minus and
  3. courses with grades of C- or below will not count toward graduation requirements.

Required of all students:

  • Random Signals and Systems (ECE 521)
  • Mathematics of Systems Analysis (ECE 581)
  • Computer Systems (ECE 561)
  • One of the following two courses: Electromagnetics (ECE 540) or Fundamentals of Acoustics (ECE 557)
  • A depth requirement: Submission of a coherent program of study that includes at least two more graduate courses, beyond the requirements above in one of the technical areas listed below. The student's advisor and the ECE Graduate Program Director must approve the program of study, selected from one of the following Electrical Engineering Specialization Areas:
    • Applied Acoustics (Acoustic Transduction, Marine Acoustics, Marine Mammal Acoustics, SONAR and its Applications, Speech Processing, Underwater Propagation)
    • Applied Electromagnetics (Antennas, Wireless Communications, Remote Sensing)
    • Electronics and Solid State Devices (Marine Electronics, Solid-State Devices)
    • Marine Applications
    • Signals and Systems (Advanced Automation, Communications Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Systems and Control, Underwater Systems)
  • A breadth requirement: Students must also take one graduate course from a specialization area different from that selected to satisfy the depth requirement.
  • Capstone Experience:
    • 6 credits of Graduate Research (ECE 501) for Thesis Track and Thesis defense
    • 3 credits of Graduate Research (ECE 501) for Project Track and Project defense
    • MS Comprehensive Examination/Industrial Experience
  • Additional course requirement:
    • One additional course for Thesis track
    • Two additional courses for Project track
    • Three additional courses for All-Coursework track

Additional details can be found in the Department Graduate Handbook (PDF).





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