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 Research facilities

Building-Room NumberDesignation/ Title Faculty Coordinator
Group II Building
II-006 Acoustics Laboratory David Brown
II-211 Database and UNIX Systems Laboratory Paul Fortier
II-221C Internet of Things (IoT) Security Lab Hong Liu 
Dion Science and Engineering Building
Dion-309 Sensor Networks Laboratory Liudong Xing
Dion-310 Ultrasonic Signal Processing Laboratory  
Dion-313 Project Engineering Laboratory Robert Helgeland
Dion-316 Acoustic Signal Processing Laboratory John Buck
Dion-320 Machine Vision Laboratory  
Violette Research Building
Violette-101B Speech Processing Laboratory Karen Payton
Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center (ATMC)
ATMC-123A Acoustics Laboratory David Brown
ATMC-120C Acoustics Laboratory