RF/Photonics lab

Dion Science & Engineering Building, Room 322

RF Photonics labThe RF/Photonics lab aims to establish a place for research and education to advance technology in the electromagnetic spectrum from microwave to optical frequencies. Its research efforts have been on novel system architectures and device concepts using a combination of microwave/millimeter wave and photonic techniques.

The lab has full access to facilities in the UMass Dartmouth Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (formerly ATMC), which include: an anechoic chamber, an atomic absorption spectrometer, scanning electron microscopes, IR and UV/VIS spectrometers, and micro machining equipment. Our equipment is pictured below.

Photonics test benchPhotonics Test Bench

  • Tunable Lasers
  • Optical Spectral Analyser
  • Probe Station
  • High-Speed Sampling Scope

RF test benchRF Test Bench

  • RF Signal Generators (a few MHz to 18 GHz)
  • Microwave Spectrum Analyser (26 GHz range)
  • Network Analyser (26 GHz)