Linux Remote Access

Linux Remote Access

Access from off-campus or from wireless (UMASSD) must be made through a VPN connection.
Please visit for VPN setup.

VPN connection:
Installing and Configuring VPN for Windows, Mac and Linux:
VPN server to connect to is

If you have trouble getting the VPN setup to work, contact IT Services for Students at (508-999-8884).

To connect:
After authenticating through CITS VPN server (if needed), you may use remote desktop client to connect to the linux servers.

Windows: Select "Remote Desktop Connection" from Accessories under the Start menu.
MacOSX:  Download Microsoft Remote Desktop client from app store

Remote desktop servers: (eng-svr-0) (eng-svr-1) (eng-svr-2)

Mapped drives:

/home/username        (U: University drive 1GB)
/ENG-share/username   (Z: Eng share 4GB)
/class                (M: Class drive)
/research             (R: Research share)

Installed Software:


To end your session:
From the top menu, System -> Log Out

Special notes:

Sessions are auto-terminated after disconnect: 
eng-svr-0 (6 hrs)
eng-svr-1 (10 minutes)
eng-svr-2 (10 minutes)

You can only reconnect to disconnect sessions if the resolution and color depth are the same, otherwise a new session is created. Resolution and color depth can be set in the remote desktop client.

Symbolic links cannot be created under /home or /ENG-share. This is known to interfere with some of our programs and can make compiling certain packages impossible. For this reason, special user folders can be created under /research upon request (