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 Linux Remote Access

Access from off-campus or from wireless (UMASSD) must be made through a VPN connection.
Please visit http://www.umassd.edu/cits/wireless/vpn/ for VPN setup.

VPN connection:
Installing and Configuring VPN for Windows, Mac and Linux:
VPN server to connect to is

If you have trouble getting the VPN setup to work, contact IT Services for Students at itstudentcenter@umassd.edu (508-999-8884).

To connect:

After authenticating through CITS VPN server (if needed), you may use remote desktop client to connect to the linux servers.

Select "Remote Desktop Connection" from Accessories under the Start menu.

Remote desktop servers are and

Mapped drives:
/home/username                   (U: University drive 512MB)
/ENG-share/username         (Z: Eng share 4GB)
/class                                       (M: Class drive)

Installed Software:

  • Advanced Design System
  • EMPro
  • Matlab
  • Open Office
  • Synopsys

Special notes:

You can only reconnect to disconnect sessions if the resolution and color depth are the same, otherwise a new session is created. Resolution and color depth can be set in the remote desktop client.

Symbolic links cannot be created under /home or /ENG-share. This is known to interfere with some of our programs and can make compiling certain packages impossible. For this reason, special user folders can be created under /class/linux/username upon request (asmart@umassd.edu).