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 Remote File Access

Access from off-campus or from wireless (UMASSD) must be made through a VPN connection. Please visit http://www.umassd.edu/cits/wireless/vpn/ for VPN setup.

VPN connection:
Installing and Configuring VPN for Windows, Mac and Linux:
VPN server to connect to is

If you have trouble getting the VPN setup to work, contact IT Services for Students at
itstudentcenter@umassd.edu (508-999-8884).

ssh, secure shell may be used for interactive sessions
sftp secure ftp may be used for file transfer

Tunnelier, a windows client free for individual use is available for download from:

included are both an ssh and sftp client


set Host to portal.ece.umassd.edu
set Username to your UMASSD username (this must be entered as all lowercase letters)
set Initial method to keyboard-interactive

U: /home/username
Z: /ENG-share/username
M: /class